Kamis, 05 Maret 2009

Gemini Game GGE822 Xbox / PlayStation AC Power Cord

Gemini Game GGE822 Xbox / PlayStation AC Power CordGEMINI GGE822, XBOX / PLAYSTATION AC POWER CORD

Customer Review: If you own an Xbox, make sure you have one of these!

This AC Adaptor Cord was just what I wanted [maybe needed]. The reason I bought it is because the used Xbox that I purchased a few months ago came with a really crappy skinny AC Adaptor Cord. One slight tap on the extension cord and the Xbox shut off; because the Xbox AC Adaptor Cord's prongs were too damned small to fit securely into my extension cord. But this cord solved that problem.

Only God knows why Microsoft even made the crappy skinny version of the Xbox AC Adaptor Cord in the first place!?
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