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Linksys WGA54AG Game Adapter 802.11A/G 54 Mbps

Linksys WGA54AG Game Adapter 802.11A/G 54 MbpsLinksys Wireless A/G Game Adapter - This external game adapter has 3 unique functions. For Playstation 2, GameCube, and Xbox owners, you can use this device to wirelessly connect your console to the Internet for multiplayer gaming. Or, you can use two of these units on two separate consoles for wireless head-to-head action! If you own a Media Center Extender-equipped Xbox, you can utilize the 3rd feature, which is to give your Xbox wireless access to your Media Center PC's media.

Customer Review: If properly configured, an excelent product!

Im using a pair of these as 802.11a(5ghz) bridge between my home and my sons home aross the street(150m). These game adapters are working fantasticly as a bridge, intially between our xboxes, extending and merging our networks. I had no problem getting into the adapter using, setting my NIC to I reset the IP addresses to & 250. to work on my existing net. I have run into slow & locked up transmission but since my son now turns his unit/adapter on/off with his computer and xbox powerstrip we've had few if any more problems. I did call customer support and got some who new nothing.

Customer Review: Keeps getting disconnected

This product is easy to install and at first I thought it was great. But after a few hours of steady streaming, the 'wireless' light goes off and the connection is dropped. If you power-cycle the unit, then it works again (most of the time). But it just disconnects again after a few more hours.

Very frustrating. I would buy a different product.
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Morrowind, Game of the Year Edition, Elder Scrolls 3, Includes Tribunal & Bloodmoon Expansions

Morrowind, Game of the Year Edition, Elder Scrolls 3, Includes Tribunal & Bloodmoon ExpansionsProduct Description
An epic, open-ended single-player RPG, Morrowind allows you to create and play any kind of character imaginable. You can choose to follow the main storyline and find the source of the evil blight that plagues the land, or set off on your own to explore strange locations and develop your character based on their actions throughout the game. Featuring stunning 3D graphics, open-ended gameplay, and an incredible level of detail and interactivity, Morrowind offers a gameplay experience like no other. In Tribunal, you journey to the capital city of Morrowind, called Mournhold, to meet the other two god-kings of Morrowind, Almalexia and Sotha Sil. Your journey will lead you to the Clockwork City of Sotha Sil and massive, epic-sized dungeons, where strange and deadly creatures await you, including goblins, lich lords, and the mysterious Fabricants. Bloodmoon takes you to the frozen Island of Solstheim where you'll experience snow, blizzards, and new creatures, including frost trolls, ice minions, and wolves...just to name a few. You'll have a choice of stories to follow and have the opportunity to defend the colony, take control over how the colony is built up, and eliminate the werewolves. Or, you can decide to join the werewolves and become one of them, opening up a whole new style of gameplay. Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Game Of The Year is one of the most detailed game worlds ever created. Morrowind sets a new standard in adventure, with its amazing graphics, in-depth gameplay and hundred of game paths! Delve into new, epic-sized dungeons and visit the Capital City of Mournhold and the Clockwork City of Sotha Sil Fight new creatures including bears and wolves, lich lords and goblins, ice minions and spriggans Direct the construction of a mining colony and face the threat of savage werewolves Become a werewolf and indulge your thirst for the hunt Great gameplay, an immersive storyline and incredible graphics.
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Mad Catz Multi-Link Cable for Game Boy Color

Customer Review: Can't play old-school pokemon without it!!!

Wow, this took me back... Opening up the link cable box, connecting my game boy with my game boy colour and starting my first ever pokemon trade... still can't beat that feeling.

Customer Review: Mad Catz Link Cable for Game Boy Color - Good Link Cable!

Okay see I technically have a pelican link cable and it connects to my GBC, GBA, and my GBA SP and have never had a problem once yet. With a link cable you can transfer and print a lot of stuff. I'm guessing with the mad catz link cable it is the same way. So go have fun and get a link cable to transfer and print stuff out.
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Head-to-Head Plug 'n Play Video Game System

Head-to-Head Plug n Play Video Game SystemPlay alone in one-player mode, or challenge a friend in two-player Head-to-Head mode. From Football to Boxing, Wall Breaker to Kung Fu Fly Catcher - everything you need to play all 12 rockin' games is right in the included case. Requires 4 "AA" batteries, not included. Case measures 11.5" x 9.5".

Customer Review: For bigger kids

A lot of the games are complicated for most kids younger than 7. This game would be good for traveling to plug it into the tv at the hotel. The graphics are like the Atari games from the 70's.
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JVC RX-D206B 7.1-Channel Home Theater Receiver with USB PC Link and Game Mode, Black

JVC RX-D206B 7.1-Channel Home Theater Receiver with USB PC Link and Game Mode, BlackSurround speakers don't amount to much without a quality receiver, and this JVC 7.1-channel model plays the role perfectly. Equipped with a full complement of surround decoders, including Dolby Digital EX, DTS (ES, Neo:6, and 96/24), and Dolby Pro Logic (II and IIx)--the receiver breathes life into home theater audio, delivering spectacularly crisp, explosive sound for both movies and music. The decoded formats are complemented by JVC's digital audio processor (DAP), which creates dynamic audio soundstages that mimic the acoustics of the most popular live venues. Among the multichannel DAP selections are Theater, Hall, Dance Club, Live Club, and Pavilion.

Internally, the receiver is equipped with a hybrid feedback digital amplifier (version III) and a DSP digital equalizer. The amp runs at 770 watts of total power (110 watts x 7 in surround mode, 110 watts x 2 in stereo mode), which should satisfy all but the largest listening environments. To create an even wider sound field, the receiver offers a virtual surround back function that simulates the effect of a rear surround speaker even if you don't own one. And if you're not quite ready to upgrade to full surround but want to keep your options open, you can employ the receiver's 3D Phonic virtual surround function, which simulates the dynamic realism of full surround sound through your system's pair of stereo speakers.

Busy listeners will appreciate the RX-D206B's AV Compu Link function, which facilitates simple one-touch coordination between your JVC audio and video components. Simply pop a DVD into your JVC DVD player and the RX-D206B automatically activates the receiver and TV while switching them to the proper modes. Meanwhile, people who live in large households will delight in the 3-D Headphone feature, which creates an out-of-the-box surround effect through any ordinary pair of stereo headphones (not included). The receiver even lets you stream audio directly from your computer using its USB PC link, which works with both PCs and Macs.

The RX-D206B isn't just for music and movie fans, as it also offers a Game mode that's designed to enhance the gaming experience. The game mode offers four different settings--RPG (role-playing game), sport, action, and night--each of which creates a customize sound field for the genre type.

Components connect to the unit through its comprehensive series of inputs and outputs, including three digital audio inputs (two optical, one coaxial), four analog audio inputs, and two analog audio outputs. The RX-D206B also acts as an audio/video switcher, with two component video inputs and one output, three S-video inputs and three outputs, and three composite inputs and three outputs.

The RX-D206B is backed by a two-year warranty on parts and labor.

What's in the Box
Receiver, remote control, AM and FM antennas, user's manual.

Customer Review: Meet The New Review.....Same As The Old Review

My review is along the lines of the others. The unit does get very hot especially on the left side of it so I turn on a fan to blow cool air on it and it does the trick. The other inconvenient thing is the unit doesn't have inputs for older things such as a tape deck or turntable.

Customer Review: Looks great, sounds great, love the USB connection.

I have nothing bad to say about this product. I love the USB connection. I have the Bose Acoustimass 5 and VCS-10 center channel speakers hooked up. Sounds amazing! Not fully utilizing the surround sound capabilities, but I am satisfied with the "auto-surround" setting for watching DVD's. I put it on "all channel" for music CD's and stereo. Sleek design. Fits nicely into my A/V system.

I hook my laptop up to the USB, and then plug the laptop video into my 37" LCD TV...and watch streaming videos on UTUBE. Nice!
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Lithium Ion Video Game Systems Battery For Nintendo DS

Lithium Ion Video Game Systems Battery For Nintendo DSLithium Ion Video Game Systems Battery For Nintendo DS
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PalmOne PalmPak Games Card (m125, m130, i705 & m500 series)

PalmOne PalmPak Games Card (m125, m130, i705 & m500 series)Want to make waiting around a lot more fun? Next time you're stuck at the airport or in an endless line, plug in the PalmPak Games Card to play 10 entertaining games. Just plug the card into the expansion slot on your Palm m500 series handheld. This postage stamp-size MultiMediaCard expands the capabilities of your handheld to give you the power to play games without sacrificing memory space.

The PalmPak Games Card features an exciting mix of games from the classic to the cutting edge (like SimCity). You'll enjoy favorites like solitaire, chess, checkers, and backgammon; games of chance like nine-ball, blackjack, and Vegas slots; and hot new games like Bubblet and Zap!2016.

Customer Review: There is no Chess game

I bought this card only and only for Chess game and there is none on it.

Customer Review: Good alternative

I think that this was a good choice, because you can erase games of your Palm and free space. Remember, Palm is not a toy. You will not have a Gameboy Advance in your hands if you purchase this Game Card. But I am sure that this can keep you entertained in your free time.
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Microsoft Xbox - Game console - black

Microsoft Xbox - Game console - blackItem Specifics - Video Game Systems
Manufacturer: Microsoft Media Type: DVD-ROM
Platform: Microsoft Xbox Format: NTSC (N. America)
Bundled Items: Accessories, Game(s)
Condition: Used
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Ghost In The Game (Blue) Design PS3 Playstation 3 Body Protector Skin Decal Sticker

Ghost In The Game (Blue) Design PS3 Playstation 3 Body Protector Skin Decal StickerScatch Resistant Skin Sticker helps to protect your PS3 (Playstation 3) while making an impression. Self-adhesive plastic-coated skins are custom cut to perfectly fit the PS3. Skins are paper-thin so they do not add any bulk, easy to apply (no bubbles), durable and easily removable without any residue.

Customer Review: A little Tricky

Works graet as a protector with a cool look, but don't be fooled by the photo... you only get the PS3 SYSTEM DECAL, not one for your controller.
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Audio/Video & Game Switch

Audio/Video & Game SwitchGE AV23237 A/V and Game Switch Use with TV, games or any A/V entertainment component ; Connects up to 3 devices for output to 1 device ; RCA-type connections ; Eliminates need to repeatedly hook and unhook equipment for use A/V and Game Switch

Customer Review: This very good,

This is a very good products, I used it like camera swither. In the church am using two and pure soon three cameras, so am mixing the images with this products, the other good thing is this products no make noise when I swhit to the other camera.

www.temploalfayomega.net God bless everyone, Even if u don't belive.
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4GB Portable Multimedia 2.8 inches TFT PMP Slide Screen 1.3 Mega pixel MP3/MP4/ Video Audio Game Player Built in Lithium rechargeable battery W/ SD MM

4GB Portable Multimedia 2.8 inches TFT PMP Slide Screen 1.3 Mega pixel MP3/MP4/ Video Audio Game Player Built in Lithium rechargeable battery W/ SD MM

·Built-in 4GB flash memory chip

·Holds over than 960 songs

·High quality stereo speakers

·Slide Screen Design

·Support SD card or MMC card to extend your memory capacity (SD card or MMC card is not including)

·Support 256MB/512MB/1GB/2GB SD card or MMC card for game or music

·Support game card, NES format net download games (You may download free games from some website)

·Support digital camera/PC Camera function (640 x 480 pixels)

·E-BOOK function: Support text file

·Rechargeable Li Battery(Last up to 10Hours)

·Inter-changeable animated startup screens

·Multiple music formats: MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, WMV, ASF WAV audio format

·Support MP4/3PG format or other format files converted to MP4/3PG format(Software is included)

·Electronic album, support JPG format photo

·Support ID3.The lyrics of Music Files can be shown on screen

·Color Graphic Tool Indicator

·USB 2.0(Compatible with USB1.0 &1.1)


·Play Mode:Normal Play, Repeat One,Repeat All,Random&(A-B Repeat)

·Replay Mode:Manual Replay,Auto Replay

·Record Mode:Long Rec,Fine Rec,Long VOR,Fine VOR

·Voice Record Function: Built-in microphone with high quality voice-recording

·Build-in Clock function

·Slick stylish design in a compact Size: 128mm x 61mm x 20mm


·Stainless steel outer shell,chrome plated aluminum alloy Shield case

·Smart design for Comfort Listen: Music fades away fradually when stop playing

Customer Review: didnt work for me

I recieved it in the mail and it was working fine with for a few hours, it was definately a score for the price, but after the battery died it just wouldnt charge so it was completely useless. and i was pissed, but the represenative i talked to was very helpful and gave me a full refund. if anyone gets a working one im sure they would be very pleased, it seemed well worth the money for about 4 hours.
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Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable

Game Boy Advance Game Link CableThis is a link cable for GameBoy Advance handhelds. Trade data and play head-to-head by linking two Game Boy Advance Systems.

Customer Review: Not Happy

The Cable does not work at all, I was told I was buying new and it came without the package and overall all i'm quite displeased about the whole endeaver.

Customer Review: GBA Link Cable -

thank you for the free light, i have the old type of gameboy advance, so the

cable you sent didn't work, but i gave it to a friend, so we're fine

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PalmOne P10914U Games Essentials Card

PalmOne P10914U Games Essentials CardPalm is a pioneer in the field of mobile and wireless Internet solutions and a leading provider of handheld computers. Based on the Palm OS platform, Palm's handheld solutions let people carry and access their most critical information wherever they go. Palm handhelds address the needs of individuals, enterprises and educational institutions through hardware add-on options and Palm OS based application solutions.

Customer Review: Get it for Shanghai!

I purchased Games Essentials for one game -- Shanghai. I love the game and have quite a few variations, but this one is the very best. The graphics are clear, which is very important on a small-screened Palm device, and the game is easy to play. The random generation of the different tile layouts is perfect to keep you challenged and entertained. I highly recommend this one!

Customer Review: palm game

Love it. I play every nite. Bought this item just for Atum game. Definately recommend it.
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Jakks Pacific Toymax Dreamworks Tv Game

Jakks Pacific Toymax Dreamworks Tv GameGet gaming with everyone's favorite loveable green ogre. Plus, you can embark on adventures with those crazy characters from Over the Hedge. This two-in-one plug 'n play joystick takes you on lots of different gaming journeys. There's no console required - simply plug it into any TV with an A/V input jack and let the fun begin. Requires 4 "AA" batteries, not included. Measures 5" x 5" x 5".

Customer Review: Fun for all Ages :)

Bought this for my grandson's 7th birthday. He really enjoys playing it so does his younger brother who is 4 and his dad who is 25. They enjoy the different games that are offered and have a great time playing them. I also purchased a differnt game like this for my Grandson's birthday who turned 4. While he enjoyed it the others weren't too crazy about it. Where this one everyone has fun playing it from the 4yr old to the 7yr old to the 22yr old to the 25 year old. Would buy this again!!! Jakks Pacific Toymax Dreamworks Tv Game

Customer Review: Fun toy

Jakks Pacific Toymac Dreamworks Tv Game is lots of fun for my child. we play it together some times. She really enjoys it and I find it difficult to find toys that my daughter does not loose interest in after a short period of time but this one does the trick.
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Gemini Game GGE822 Xbox / PlayStation AC Power Cord

Gemini Game GGE822 Xbox / PlayStation AC Power CordGEMINI GGE822, XBOX / PLAYSTATION AC POWER CORD

Customer Review: If you own an Xbox, make sure you have one of these!

This AC Adaptor Cord was just what I wanted [maybe needed]. The reason I bought it is because the used Xbox that I purchased a few months ago came with a really crappy skinny AC Adaptor Cord. One slight tap on the extension cord and the Xbox shut off; because the Xbox AC Adaptor Cord's prongs were too damned small to fit securely into my extension cord. But this cord solved that problem.

Only God knows why Microsoft even made the crappy skinny version of the Xbox AC Adaptor Cord in the first place!?
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Energizer Nickel-Metal Hydride Video Game Systems Battery For Nintendo Wii

Energizer Nickel-Metal Hydride Video Game Systems Battery For Nintendo WiiEnergizer Nickel-Metal Hydride Video Game Systems Battery For Nintendo Wii
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Sesame Street Elmo's World My First TV Fun & Games

Sesame Street Elmos World My First TV Fun & GamesSesame Street Elmo's World Plug n Play TV Game comes with five built in games which include: Elmo's shape match, Elmo's Sea Search, Elmo's Super Soccer, Elmo's Shape Jump, and Dinner with Dorthy. Age 3 +

Customer Review: Excellent Learning Game!

My 3-year-old daughter got this as a gift, and it's one of her favorite toys. Since she started playing it, her hand-eye coordination has improved remarkably, and she's learning quickly how to manipulate the controls to do what she wants. Her 18-month-old sister had dropped it, kicked it, thrown it, stepped on it... and it's still working perfectly.

I'd recommend it to anyone with a young child.

Customer Review: A Big Waste

The game was easy to use and fun to play, but after 2 weeks the screen started freezing up and could only play certain games. Now I can't get it to do anything. I was a BIG Waste of Money!!!!
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AV RCA Audio S Video Game Selector Switch DVD Xbox PS2

AV RCA Audio S Video Game Selector Switch DVD Xbox PS2Brand New Video Game Selector Multi-Box. Easily connects three video devices to one television set.
It works for video games, VCR, DVD, digital cameras, camcorders, etc. Switch between the different electronic components easily without having to plug or unplug cables. Consists of: 3 Input Channels (Stereo Audio & Composite Video) 1 Output Channel (Stereo Audio, Composite Video & S-Video) RCA Stereo Audio & Video Jacks
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Plug 'n Play My Arcade GT Wheel with 50 Games

Plug n Play My Arcade GT Wheel with 50 GamesStart your engines. Get behind the wheel with the 50 in 1 Turbo GT Wheel without leaving the couch and leave bulky video consoles behind. The ergonomic steering wheel grips not only provide excellent control for racing games, but the controller is also capable of playing games such as fishing, shooting, flying, action, adventure, puzzles and much more. Features:50 games built-in to the controller, Simple plug and play design; connects directly to your TV, Comfortable steering wheel grips for improved control and hours of endless gaming, For all TV/Video displays with AV inputs, Battery operated, Games include: Racing, action, adventure, sports, puzzle, strategy and more. Available in silver/black.
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Saitek P2600 Rumble Pad PC Game Controller

Saitek P2600 Rumble Pad PC Game ControllerThe Saitek P2600 Rumble Pad has high quality, varied rumble forces, so gamers feel closer to the action. You can instantly configure your pad's controls to the perfect set-up for first person shooter (FPS) games with a single button press. It features ergonomic controls with soft-touch handles that increase both grip and comfort in your hands.

Customer Review: Saitek rocks!!!

I owned one of the first models of this controller over ten years ago. I owned the same computer for seven years and never upgraded so I never bought a new controller. I recently found a downloadable version of the couple of games I used to play on that ancient computer. Since I always used that old Saitek to play them I was very excited to see that they were still around and still selling the same type of controller/software. The controller feels the same and the programming works exactly the same! I love it. Very easy to use and works perfectly. If you are not very good at progamming, you want to go straight to gamming, or you want to see how others would set up the controller, you can go to numerous sites and download a pre-exsisting set-up. I downloaded the controls for Doom 3 to use with my old progam (Duke Nukem 3D) and it works just like when I set it up ten years ago. Buy Saitek, you won't be let down!

Customer Review: GAME CONTROLLER

havent actually used this yet, but the delivery of the product was quick and it was as advertised-new and in the original packing.
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Atari Paddle Controller TV Video Game System with Games

Atari Paddle Controller TV Video Game System with GamesJust plug the Atari controller into your TV and play these classic Atari games. Fans of early Atari games will love the "paddle" replica controller, inspired by the Atari 2600. Compact, lightweight controller plugs into any TV with an ATV input jack.

Games include:

  • Super Breakout
  • Casino
  • Warlords
  • Steeple Chase
  • Nightdriver
  • Breakout
  • Canyon Bomber
  • Demon to Demand
  • Video Olympics
  • Pong
  • Arcade Warlords
  • Circus Atari
  • Streetracer

Customer Review: Don't buy from Etoys!!!

This product is NOT what is represented in the ad. The ad shows two paddle controllers, but the system is only one. I tried contacting Etoys 3 times via email (they don't give you any other way to contact them) and I have never received a response.

Don't buy from Etoys! They won't help you if you have a problem, like selling something different than advertised!

Customer Review: Toy itself is good.

The toy and the seller are both excellent. I just thought I would have had more fun with the old games. They were a little too old :)
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Newest Best gr8er1 8GB Touch Screen MP3 player MP4 ebook Video Game Media Device

Newest Best gr8er1 8GB Touch Screen MP3 player MP4 ebook Video Game Media DeviceThis is the all in one media player everyone has been waiting for. It plays mp3 music files, MP4 Video files and allows you to add games via .SWF files. There is a built in loud speaker. It is also an EBook reader via .TXT files. You can scroll through your .TXT files with the swipe of your finger or let the player automatically scroll for you. It features an FM radio (earphone Jack as antenna) and boasts a 2MP Still Camera. You can also record videos from the Digital Video Cam. The gr8er1 player allows you to display JPEG Photos. It has a calendar and time function. It also allows you to set a Daily alarm and weekly alarms with any of your favorite mp3 files. You can expand the memory via miniSD cards. It has a PC camera function. The touch screen is ultra sensitive. Get ready to experience your media in a whole new way!!!
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Adaptec AVC-1400 Gamebridge Console Video Game PC Connector / Capture Recorder / USB 2.0 Adapter for X-Box, XBox 360, Playstation 2 / 3 (PS2 / PS3), W

Adaptec AVC-1400 Gamebridge Console Video Game PC Connector / Capture Recorder / USB 2.0 Adapter for X-Box, XBox 360, Playstation 2 / 3 (PS2 / PS3), WAdaptec AVC-1400 Gamebridge Console Video Game PC Connector / Capture Recorder / USB 2.0 Adapter for X-Box, XBox 360, Playstation 2 / 3 (PS2 / PS3), Wii to PC Computer: AVC-1400 (Retail)
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Pair of Headrest 7" LCD Car Monitors with Region Free DVD player USB SD Inc. Wireless Headhones and 32 Bit Games

Pair of Headrest 7" LCD Car Monitors with Region Free DVD player USB SD Inc. Wireless Headhones and 32 Bit GamesGRAY/TAN/BLACK

Wireless Controllers: No messy wires everywhere in your car anymore, your children will enjoy the games much more.

Wireless IR headphones: You have the luxury to watch different movies without fights anymore! Phew!

FM Transmitter: Easy to connect to your quality sound system on your car without hassle.

AV in/out: It's just another convenient thing to connect your AV devices directly

7 inch Sharp TFT LCD screen: Now you can enjoy high quality movies/DVD with this SHARP screen with enough brightness.

USB connectivity, SD/MMC/MS card reader: It provides you the convenience to link with the devices.

Adjustable posts - easy installation: Fits all car seats without problem. they are set at 105mm apart and adjustable to 230mm.


2 x headrest 7" LCD monitor + 2 x all-region DVD player + 2 x DVD covers

2 x Game Discs

2 x Remote Controls

2 x Wireless Game controllers

2 x Wireless IR headphones

English manuals

Power and other wiring harness

Customer Review: EliteAutoSoundSales Rocks!

Had to choose between a few $ more from one seller to another, But the few dollars I spent were well Worth IT!! I Purchased this package from EliteAutoSoundSales on a Monday, Received on Weds! Super Fast shipping, very well packaged and the bonuses they threw in were awesome. Very Nice High Quality Upgraded Wireless Headphones and more. Picture Quality is Amazing, Easy installation as well. Kids will love them! Received an email with shipping information immediately after completing the purchase. Couldnt have asked for more, You cant go wrong with EliteautosoundSales. Thank you so much!
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Pelican Nerf Armor N7347 - Case for game console - Nintendo DS

Pelican Nerf Armor N7347 - Case for game console - Nintendo DSMarketing description is not available.

Customer Review: Great case

This is a really nice system case for kids to keep all their DS stuff in and keep it safe.

My son got it for his birthday along with a DS system and really is happy with it.

My only cons are that it doesn't have a handle or strap for carrying and there is no place for his old Gameboy games to be stored in it.
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Microsoft Xbox AV Pack Advanced - Game console link cable - S-Video / composite video / audio - 4 pin mini-DIN, RCA, TOSLINK (F) - Xbox AV connector (

Microsoft Xbox AV Pack Advanced - Game console link cable - S-Video / composite video / audio - 4 pin mini-DIN, RCA, TOSLINK (F) - Xbox AV connector (This Xbox AV pack allows integration between the Xbox video game system and TVs or receivers that utilize optical digital audio input for Dolby Digital playback, as well as S-video input.

Customer Review: Great Item

This is a must with today's new flat panel TVs. The old cable that came with the XBox made the picture all fuzzy. This new adapter provides a crystal clear picture.

Customer Review: Upgrade AV outputs of your Xbox

I bought this primarly for the optical audio output. I've set up the XBMC for digital output, now I can stream dolby digital and DTS. No longer need my DVD player. Sound is great compared the the rca output, specially when using DTS. The bonus part is the s-video, although there is not much improvement over rca video cable, the image seams to have more contrast and sharper.
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Mastertronic OPERFLASHGOTYED Operation Flashpoint Game Of Theyear Ed. [windows 98/me/xp]

Mastertronic OPERFLASHGOTYED Operation Flashpoint Game Of Theyear Ed. [windows 98/me/xp]Penetrating Even Deeper Into Operation Flashpoint Territory Comes Operation Flashpoint: Game Of The Year Edition. Raw Recruits To Operation Flashpoint Can Experience The Impending Conflict With Just One Complete Package. The Award Winning Game Is Fully Loaded With Every Upgrade Add-on And Expansion Including All Vehicles Weapons And Extra Campaigns Released To Date.the Game Of The Year Edition Includes: operation Flashpoint: take Command Of A Us Army Squad Or Just Cover Your Own Back. Stay Alive And Win Through To Victory. rich Enthralling Campaign Single Missions And Multiplay - Use Stealth Tactics Or All-out Assault To Combat Those Who Would Obliterate Freedom. take To The Skies Or Battlefield In Multiplayer Mission Scenarios Across Tcp/ip Lan Or Internet. create Your Own Strategic Challenges For Solo Or Multiplay With Easy To Use Mission Editor - Limited Only By Your Imagination And The Shores Of The Massive 100 Square Km Islands. over 40 Vehicles To Drive Or Fly. From Ah1 Cobra Helicopter To M1a1 Abrams Tank To A10 Thunderbolt Jet Each War Machine Is Visually Accurate To Its Original Military Spec. red Hammer: The Soviet Campaign when The Us Campaign Is Complete Join The Revolution And Fight On The Side Of The Soviet Force. Shoulder The Rifle Of Ex-spetsnaz Agent Dmitri Lukin In The Additional 20-mission Soviet Campaign Red Hammer. resistance: enhancing The Flashpoint Universe Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Creates An Additional 100km2 Island Complete With Industrial-style Buildings And Original Landscape Scenery. Thanks To The Use Of High-resolution Textures Throughout The Visuals Will Be Much More Detailed And Dramatic Than Ever Before. features: complete 20-mission Campaign larger Urban Environments new Vehicles And Weapons system Requirements:win 98/2000/me/xp: Pentium Ii 500 Mhz (pentium Iii 700 Mhz Recommended) 128 Mb Ram (256 Mb Ram Recommended) 16 Bit Directx 8.1 Sound Compliant Sound Card Compatible 3d Graphics Card With 16 Mb Ram (32 Mb Ram Recomm...

Customer Review: good game

I like this game. it's pretty good. if your have a laptop try to get a mouse because useing the toutch pad reallt sucks when playing this game. overall good game

Customer Review: Real, real war

This 1st person shooter makes a new era in this kind of games. Maybe not so graphically espectacular as Medal of Honor or similars, but with realistic ballistics and weapons.

A single shot at 1000m can kill you and the weight of ammo and weapons is limited, so you can not behave as a Bradley tank as you do in MOHAA, for example.

The enviroment is very big, with a tactical use of maps and obstacles, and there is not so much pleople as in other shooters.

You can manage a wide range of infantry weapons, including RPG or LAW grenade launchers, guided AA and AT missiles, machine guns, and a wide range of vehicles, including M-60, M1A1, T-55, T72 tanks BMP or Bradley ATVs (nice realistics, but it is NOT a tank simulator), or helicopters (poorly realistic).

As a complement ther are some cars and even a bus, useful for ambientation.

This is not an arcade, is nearer a tactical trainer for an officer academy...

It comes with 3 campaigns, the original one for Western forces, Resistance (Nice Anti-soviet Propaganda exercise) and Red Hammer (A really shame if you are not an US citizen).

If you want to use this game as a soviet-eastern-block soldier, better make your own missions with the editor.

The editor has 2modes, one simple an manageable and the otherreally comprehensive but difficult to manage.
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Macally iShock II USB Force Feedback Programmable Game Controller

Macally iShock II USB Force Feedback Programmable Game ControllerMacally iShock II is the first USB game controller for Mac with force feedback in the market. iShock II is packed with 13 fully programmable buttons, dual thumb sticks, 8-way directional buttons and realistic multi-level vibration into one awesome unit. iShock II supports both InputSprocket and non-InputSprocket games and its an ideal choice for Mac gamers who wants to feel every bump and turn in your games. Get the first force feedback game controller for Macintosh in the market and let iShockII take you to a higher level of fun and excitement.

Customer Review: Not on my new Mac!

This DID NOT WORK on my shiny new Mac. I got 2. I guess that makes me twice as stupid. Macally told me they'd keep me posted if they ever produce what I thought I already had paid for. I guess thats their version of customer service. I'll keep them posted how I feel about that by giving their products 1 star ratings. It's good we can stay in touch with each other, isn't it?

Customer Review: It does work on Intel Macs

To all those who say it does not work on Intel Macs. Please note that Macally has simply stopped development of their proprietary driver. However, the controller does work with OS X's built in support for HID input devices. Applications that support HID through OS X will work with the iShock II. One feature of the controller that will not work because it requires the Macally driver is the rumble feature. The Macally driver also provided the ability to map the controller buttons to other applications that do not support OS X's HID interface. This feature can be replicated using third party utilities such as USB Overdrive
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Pelican ROBO ARMOR N7351 - Case for game console - Nintendo DS Lite

Pelican ROBO ARMOR N7351 - Case for game console - Nintendo DS LiteNintendo licensed DS Robo Armor protects your Nintendo DS Lite from daily bumps and bruises while personalizing it with your favorite Nintendo characters. Integrated handles with grip texture add comfort and protection.
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Selasa, 17 Februari 2009

Saitek X No Limit Texas Hold Em Poker Handheld Game

Saitek X No Limit Texas Hold Em Poker Handheld GameMODEL- C101 VENDOR- SAITEK FEATURES- No Limit Texas Hold Em Poker Saitek introduces handheld No Limit Texas Hold em Poker. Texas Hold em is the most popular form of poker, made even more popular by tournaments televised each week around the world. To take advantage of this craze, Saitek has developed No Limit Texas Hold'em in a handheld format. No Limit Texas Hold em is designed for both advanced poker players and beginners alike, offering the perfect balance of chance and strategy to attract aficionados of all levels. Players match skills with up to three computer players, each with their own skills and style of play. to expert. MANUFACTURER WARRANTY:nbspnbsp1 YEAR MODEL- C101 VENDOR- SAITEK FEATURES- No Limit Texas Hold Em Poker Saitek introduces handheld No Limit Texas Hold em Poker. Texas Hold em is the most popular form of poker, made even more popular by tournaments televised each week around the world. To take advantage of this craze, Saitek has developed No Limit Texas Hold'em in a handheld format. No Limit Texas Hold em is desi
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Sega Genesis Radica Plug and Play 6 Games-In-One

Sega Genesis Radica Plug and Play 6 Games-In-OnePlay Sega on any standard TV set with this plug in and play game system.

Features Include:

  • 6 Sega Games in one
  • 6 Sega Games in one
  • Plugs right into your TV (No console is required)
  • 16 Bit Genesis Power
  • Genesis Control Pad

    Customer Review: All Games are good and fun

    This plug and play is hours of entertainment for adults and kids. My only disappointment is this is overpriced. My reason for purchasing this is for sentimental value for my Granddaughter. She loves the Flicky game.

    Customer Review: Reminds me of the old days

    Sega Genesis was an revolutionary 16-bit video game console back in the early 1990s. It was my very first video game system that I have ever played. This controller brings all the greatest games into one place. It includes, Sonic The Hedgehog, Golden Axe, Flicky, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, Altered Beast, and Kid Chameleon. If you want to relive the old days of playing a Sega Genesis, then buy this!
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  • Plug 'n Play Wireless Controller with 130 Games

    Plug n Play Wireless Controller with 130 Games130 in 1 Wireless Plug 'N Play controller is loaded with fun and easy-to-operate games. Simply connect the wireless receiver via the A/V inputs on your television and you're ready to play! The 130 in 1 is perfect for playing your favorite arcade-style games at home, in the car, on vacation...anywhere! Features: 1 Game console1 Wireless controller with 130 built-in games, Simple plug 'n play design, Wireless connection to your TV.
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    Jakks Wheel of Fortune TV Game

    Jakks Wheel of Fortune TV GameTake a spin at the wheel and live in the granddaddy of game show experiences! Wheel of Fortune for TV Games will offer a brand new challenge for you and your friends. With over 30 different categories in line with the TV show and a wheel-based controller design, this latest addition to the TV Games library will offer endless hours of quiz show fun. Stop dreaming of being a contestant on the Wheel of Fortune and become one with Wheel of Fortune for TV Games!

    Customer Review: Dont Bother

    Thank you for reminding me to return it. It has been sitting in the box since day one. It is not the first one I have purchaced. I have not had any luck with any of the other TV plug in games either. Dont waste your money.

    Customer Review: So much fun!!!

    I really love this game, I had gotten it as a last-minute stocking stuffer for my husband and it's been such a big hit. It's super easy to use and lots of fun for us to play together. There's the ability to play with up to 3 teams or even by yourself, which is a nice feature.

    My only negative about it is the cord connecting it to the TV isn't very long and doesn't reach to our couches, so we have to pull up chairs. Otherwise it's lots of fun and super addictive!
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    Customer Review: does not work on Mac

    I only purchased this to use on my new MacBook. It does not work on my Mac, even tho the product description says it does work on Mac. I already have the same software for my previous Pc desktop. Wasted my money on this, $12 for a strange looking deck of (free)cards...

    Customer Review: PC Games, Hoyle Card

    If you live in Europe, don't waste your money on this program! I live in Spain, and the program will NOT load on my computer with Spanish language Windows XP. I was really disappointed because I enjoy playing Bridge on computer; if someone knows a card game program that will load, please let me know!
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    Bridge Baron 19 By Great Games

    Bridge Baron 19 By Great GamesBRIDGE BARON 19 BY GREAT GAMES -

    Customer Review: wonderful playability

    Most of these review are for an earlier version than BridgeBaron 19. I just got this program and have spent hours of enjoyment playing it. There are several different ways of challenge: tournament, random play, learning, , etc. Contrary to the above reviews, the graphic are fine. What I like best about this program are the hints you can ask "BridgeBaron." Hints are available for every stage of play and bidding. I am a new duplicate bridge player and I can tell my playing has progressed since I've bought this program.

    Customer Review: Tentative Approval

    I will continue to use this as a practice vehicle - but I'm disappointed in it in a couple of ways. (I have 'skill level' set to "think for up to 30 seconds".) 'His' opening leads are sometimes strange, especially against NT. Partner will often NOT return opening lead, even when that's the best possible play. When 'he' plays the hand, he sometimes plays "as if he sees through the backs of the cards."
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    GAME CUBE N64 AV-S CABLECustomer Review: 2 Problems.

    If you attempt to use for for S-video on the N64, it will be worst than composite. The colors where washed out, and they where sharp edges all over the screen. Not pretty. I had to get another cable that that was colored purple and that worked at least.

    Customer Review: Good

    Just fine. Product came as advertised, does what it's supposed to, and came within a reasonable amount of time. No complaints. =)
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    Nintendo Game Boy Game Link Cable

    Nintendo Game Boy Game Link CableCustomer Review: Gameboy Link Cable

    I ordered this product so that I can trade Pokemon.

    I didn't receive an actual "Nintendo" link cable like I ordered. Instead it was some brand x purple cable.

    The cable was over 1 foot long which is nice so that your friend isn't crammed beside you. Along with the Gameboy Color connections it also had 2 connections to fit the original Gameboy. The connectors are also a nice tight fit and do not slip out.


    Long cable.

    Extra connections for original Gameboy


    The one I ordered was not the Nintendo brand as advertised.

    Kind of expensive for what you get, when you can get a used one at a game store for $2.

    Customer Review: A necessity if you want to trade Pokémon from the first and second generation games.

    I have two Game Boy Advance SP systems, and though it s great that I can still play classic Pokémon games like Crystal, Silver, and Blue, I wondered why the games would not allow me to trade if I tried to do it using a Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable. So that s when I did some research and found out that a Game Boy Color Link Cable is required for trading.

    The one I got didn t look like a Nintendo licensed product, but nevertheless, the Game Boy Color cable did fit into the systems with no problems, and the games finally do allow you to trade. A cable for the original Game Boy is also included if you happen to still have an original Game Boy unit, and that cable has plugs which are far too large for the GBA or GBC.

    So if you still play classic Pokémon games on your GBA, but don t know why you can t trade with your link cable, then getting this will hopefully solve your problem. Obviously, this cable is not exclusive to the Pokémon games; it will work with any other Game Boy games which have multi-player functionalities, but I don t have any other games to test it out with.
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    Winfun Power Drive Plug‘N Play game

    Winfun Power Drive PlugN Play gameGet your adrenaline going with 7 levels of driving excitement. Simply attach this turbo-charged seat and steering wheel combo to your television with included 81/2' video and audio cable. Features 30 exciting games ~ driving, spaceship, flying and more! Assembles in minutes. TV not included. Requires 3 "AA" batteries. Maximum capacity 150 lbs. Seat to pedal 22". Size 33"l x 121/2"w x 19"h, Weight 6 lbs. (Age 4+)

    Customer Review: plug n play

    Although not educational, my 4 year old son likes the games. It is easy for him to navigate and has kept his interest.

    Customer Review: Nephew loves it

    I bought this toy for my 3 year old nephew for Christmas. He loves it. Even though he may be a little young for it, he knows how to operate it. It also is something he can share with his 5 year old brother.
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    Nintendo GAMECUBE Game Boy Advance Cable - Game console link cable

    Nintendo GAMECUBE Game Boy Advance Cable - Game console link cableThis cable, when used with specially designed games, allows you to connect the Game Boy Advanced to the Nintendo GameCube. The features available will change depending on the game - from exchanging data or unlocking new game levels, to allow the Game Boy Advanced to be used as a supplemental game screen or input device.

    Customer Review: Nintendo Game Cube Cable

    I received the product very well and is working now in the console of my son.

    Customer Review: arent there yet

    I think that nintendo could have done a better job with this. They could have allowed more games to be compatible with this but there are only few. Zelda: the Windwaker, Final Fantasy: crystal chronacyls, and animal crossing are one of the few games that can be played on this. maybe they will start making more games for this and if they do i say that you should buy this for sure, but for now i think they just 'arent there yet'.

    for the cheap price if you have these games buy it but if you dont then i would say that you shouldnt buy it if you dont have atleast two of the games.

    Thank you for reading my review,

    random reviewer
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    Saitek Wireless Game Pad-P2900

    Saitek Wireless Game Pad-P2900Instantly configure your pad's controls to your own perfect set-up for First Person Shooter games with a single button press. Ergonomic controls with soft touch handles increase grip and comfort. Advanced programming is provided by Saitek Smart Technology (SST) software. System Requirement - Windows XP & XP64

    Customer Review: All this and only ONE battery!

    I use this gamepad for most of my PC gaming. I have not experienced any issues that others have written about. Range is fine. I'm not across the room, but am maybe three to four feet from the receiver with the gamepad. I am not a fan of vibrating gamepads, so the Logitech, which I was considering buying, was out of the choice. I want a wireless controller with enough buttons to play any and all games. I've got two Saitek pads (one wired, one wireless) and their flight simulator joystick pack. I also own one of their keyboards. I once bought a much earlier version of their wireless gamepad with a rechargeable battery and that was a dud. They sent me a new battery, which went bad in a couple of weeks too. Other than that, I've had nothing but good products from Saitek and have not purchased Logitech controllers. My mouse is a wireless Logitech and it is excellent. Got what I paid for, and not cheap either. I am looking toward getting another wireless pad so we can play three players. Maybe I'll get a fourth? Let the family fun begin. Yay!!

    Customer Review: Good gamepad

    I use this to play console emulators on my desk top. The software that is included makes mapping the buttons for different systems/games easy. I do feel that interface could be a little more user friendly. There are time at certain angles that it looses signal but that is to be expected from this type of wireless device. Overall this is a good gamepad especially for the price.
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    Minggu, 01 Februari 2009

    Spider-Man Stand-On Mat Game

    Spider-Man Stand-On Mat GameUnique gameplay combines a stand-on interface with a hand controller to bring kids all the thrills and excitement of Spider-Man. As Spider-Man, patrol the city on a dynamic map-screen that lets you go wherever you want to go. Search for danger -- or advantages -- in your battle against evil.

    Game plugs in to any TV set, so you can start protecting the city right away! No console required. Includes one stand-on controller (measuring approximately 43" x 28" x 2"), one handset controller and standard AV cables. Requires 4 "AAA" batteries, not included.
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    Manhattan Usb Game Port Adapter

    Manhattan Usb Game Port AdapterCustomer Review: Compatible with Force Feedback Pro Joystick

    Unfortunately I could not get this adapter to work with my Microsoft Force Feedback Pro Joystick. My computer does not have a game port as it has built in audio....only USB ports. This Adapter may work with some other joysticks but I could not get the computer to recognize it no matter what I did. I am using Windows XP w/SP2. I took a Creative Labs sound card out of a slightly older computer and installed it. Windows XP recognized it immediately now I can use the joystick.

    Customer Review: Excelent conveter with good compatibility

    I was looking for a converter for my CH Flight Pro which used an old DB-15 plug, and well is no longer used anymore.

    I saw this, and was a little pricey bot ordered it and it works great.

    It converted the joystick to USB and Vista detected it and installed drivers and was up and running in no time.

    It has a switch on it to configure for four different joysticks makers and different axis and such.

    It has a good build quality and over has a clean look and doesnt look cheap.

    One thing though, older games will not detect it because they were not made to detect USB joy sticks, games like F22 Rapter and those games.

    It should work fine in Flight Sim games though.
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    INNOVATIONS 7-38012-34010-3 Sega Genesis 2 & 3, Game Gear AC Adapter

    INNOVATIONS 7-38012-34010-3 Sega Genesis 2 & 3, Game Gear AC AdapterINNOVATIONS 7-38012-34010-3 Genesis(TM) 2 and 3, Game Gear AC Adapter Replacement AC Adapter ; For Genesis(TM) 2, ;Genesis(TM) 3 or ;Game Gear systems "Genesis(TM) 2 and 3, Game Gear AC Adapter"

    Customer Review: power cord

    the power cord for the game gear comes handy you see for the game gear batterys die to fast and you have to use use 6 batterys so the power cord is a big heads up for the game gear

    Customer Review: Delivered as promised

    The adapter worked as promised. Will use this vendor again without hesitation.
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    Atari Plug and Play TV Game

    Customer Review: Good product, just boring after a week

    I installed it in the bathroom for long sitting sessions. It was fun for about a week, then I got bored, the games are fine, and it is great for the older crowd who miss pong and missle command and atari games. I guess im just too used to playstation games. Some of the games they chose for this would be easier to play if there was the old paddle, it is hard to play pong and stuff like that with the joystick, you have less control.
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    Polaroid 8" Two Screen Portable DVD Player with Game Controller - DPA-08055S

    Polaroid 8 Two Screen Portable DVD Player with Game Controller - DPA-08055SCustomer Review: Horrible product

    I bought the polaroid DPA-08055S dvd player for my kids two weeks back. It worked great the first weekend. However, two days back the main player would not work at all. It shows up as a blank screen and does not play anything. I could smell something burning. I would advise folks to buy extended warranty on this product if there is one.

    Customer Review: awful product with awful warranty

    We bought this last Christmas, it was on sale, to take a trip the end of march. It worked fine the whole trip. Got home put it away. Took the kids to Disney for summer break in July and could never get it to work, just said reading disc. 200 dollars down the drain unless we want to find someone to fix ..then it will be a 300 dvd player. This is our 3rd portable and I don't think anyone makes a great one, if anyone knows of one please let everyone know.
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    Wheel of Fortune 2 TV Plug & Play Game

    Wheel of Fortune 2 TV Plug & Play Game
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    Playhouse Disney (Motion Controller) TV Game

    The Playhouse Disney Motion Controller TV Game is a single controller featuring?several fun and entertaining video games. All that is needed are batteries and a TV -- no video game consoles required. Simply plug the unit into the A/V jacks of any standard television set, turn it on and play! The lightweight, compact, all-inclusive controller houses a combination of video games with all of the hardware and software built right in. This technology allows gaming fans to enjoy a number of video games with just one single purchase. Requires?two?"AAA" batteries and?four?"AA" batteries, not included.

    Customer Review: No excitment with this toy

    Bought for my three year old twins who love the Disney characters presented with this toy. Unfortunately, these games had no excitment with them. I was expecting the music to go along with the shows and the characters, but the characters don't speak, and the music is bad elevator background music. Besides the video, nothing else goes with the Disney shows that the kids love and the game has no excitment for them.
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    Ms Pac Man Plug and Play TV Video Game

    Ms Pac Man Plug and Play TV Video GameGames included are Ms Pac-Man, Galaga, Pole Position, Xevious.
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    Namco Original Arcade TV Games Video Game System

    Namco Original Arcade TV Games Video Game SystemIf you like gaming action but don't have the time for the involved role-playing and shooter games that are so popular nowadays, the Namco Classics TV Plug-And-Play Controller is exactly what you need. All you have to do is hook it up to your TV. It's even designed to look like an old-school arcade controller!

    Customer Review: Ms. Pacman/Galaga

    I agree with 1 review that states the joystick has "issues". After one day of heavy use, the joystick did not turn when needed nor where it was needed to go in Ms. Pacman, making it frustrating for me when I used to "own" the high score at the arcade many years ago! However, Galaga was a blast to do again and while it is not as responsive as I'd like it to be, it was still a good time and I could still impress even with the relatively cheaply constructed controls. After all, it is a kids game and I'm used to banging away at a commercial machine. All in all, it is a great value for kids to help hand/eye coordination with multiple games for several age ranges. I got it for my nieces/nephews and they loved it! My sister and I really enjoyed it as well-takes us WAY back-thank you!

    Customer Review: Not as fun as the originals....

    First, let me say the $119.99 price tag on this item is TOTALLY outrageous and unbelievable. I purchased this same item about a year ago for $19.99. You can still find it for $19.99 in stores. I'm hoping Amazon's price is a typo.

    As for the unit itself, it's very awkward and hard to use. Also, unless I just don't remember correctly, the games are not of the same quality as they were way back when. Additionally, more times than not, the games "freeze", causing you to have to start from scratch.

    I downloaded some of these old games to my cellphone, and sadly, the quality is much better.
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    Disney Fairies / Sleeping Beauty (Motion Controller) TV Game

    Disney Fairies / Sleeping Beauty (Motion Controller) TV GameReady for a magical fairy adventure? This Plug & Play TV Game offers multiple games in one single controller. All you need is batteries and a TV -- no video game console is required. Simply plug the TV Game unit into the A/V jack of any standard television set, turn it on and enter the enchanted world of Sleeping Beauty and Disney Fairies. The lightweight, compact, all-inclusive controller houses a combination of video games with all of the hardware and software built right in. Requires 2 "AAA" and 4 "AA" batteries, not included.

    Customer Review: Disney Fairies Crash and Burn

    I bought this for my grandaughter for Christmas, and decided to try it out before Christmas morning just to avoid a potential disaster Christmas morning, and I am so glad I did. I am returning it, and shopping for something else. No matter what actions you do, it does not effect the on screen characters. It was extremely frustrating to me. I can't imagine what it would be like for a four year old. Great idea. Bad product.

    Customer Review: Great Concept but does not work well.

    My daughter got this as a gift for her birthday and she and my son were excited to use it. The set up for the toy is very easy but the controllers are either too sensitive or not sensitive enough. For one or two of the games (dancing Aurora game) it did not matter what movements the user made for the toy to say they did it correctly and in other games (like the tinkerbell flying game) it would not move the character on the screen.

    I tried using the game myself and found it to be frustrating. It is not all that user friendly and after a few times of trying to play the game both of my children got frustrated and refuse to play with it at all.

    Disney took the idea of the wii and tried to use the same technology but failed. I hope they come out with a Wii version of this game as then it might be worth it.
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    Pelican Link Cable in Silver (Game Boy, Pocket Game Boy, Game Boy Color)

    Pelican Link Cable in Silver (Game Boy, Pocket Game Boy, Game Boy Color)
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    Adrenal Rush Games AIRLINES2 Air Lines 2 [windows 98/xp/vista]

    Adrenal Rush Games AIRLINES2 Air Lines 2 [windows 98/xp/vista]Buckle Up..severe Turbulence Ahead! As The Owner Of A New Airline And Its Up To You To Pilot Your Company To Financial Success. You Control Of Every Aspect Of Your Business From The Types Of Planes You Fly And Their Routes To Your Corporate Investments And Acquisitions. But In A World Of Sudden Tropical Storms Oil Crises Ill-tempered Passengers And Stressed-out Flight Personnel It Looks Like Cloudy Skies Might Be Coming! features:110 Different Realistic Planes250+ Different Airports15 Starting Geographic Regionsup To 300+ Routes7 Ai Controlled Opponent Airline Companies4 Customizable Game Types100+ Companies On The Stock Exchangespinning 3d Globe For Easy Navigation110 Airplane Animationsatmospheric Soundtrack system Requirements For Windows windows Vista Xp 98pentium Iii 500 Mhz Processor Or Faster128 Mb Ram350 Mb Free Hard Disk Spacedirectx 8.1 Or Higher32 Mb Directx 8.1 Compatible Video Cardwindows-compatible Sound Card & Speakers800x600 Monitor 16-bit Color4x Cd-rom Drive
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    Dreamgear Plug‘n Play 101 Games

    Dreamgear Plug‘n Play 101 GamesDREAMGEAR DGUN-202 Plug-and-Play Wireless Controller with 101 Games Wireless plug-and-play technology for use at home or on the go; Includes 101 games such as action, sports, strategy, shooting, puzzle, and racing games; No video game console required;For ages 5 and up;Batteries optional Plug-and-Play Wireless Controller with 101 Games

    Customer Review: Games are not so interesting..

    product works without any problems. Based on the previous reviews i read in amazon, I expected lot from this product. But this is very ordinary. Games are not interesting at all. Not sure if kids will like this or not. I personally did not like the games.

    Customer Review: Excellent Bar Top Game For Adults!

    For those of us who have a bar with an LCD or small tube TV, this wireless product works great as a tabletop arcade. Looks fine on a 13" or larger screen, though the text can be a bit fuzzy (but the graphics look fine). Lots of fun with friends over a few beers or cocktails.
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