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Linksys WGA54AG Game Adapter 802.11A/G 54 Mbps

Linksys WGA54AG Game Adapter 802.11A/G 54 MbpsLinksys Wireless A/G Game Adapter - This external game adapter has 3 unique functions. For Playstation 2, GameCube, and Xbox owners, you can use this device to wirelessly connect your console to the Internet for multiplayer gaming. Or, you can use two of these units on two separate consoles for wireless head-to-head action! If you own a Media Center Extender-equipped Xbox, you can utilize the 3rd feature, which is to give your Xbox wireless access to your Media Center PC's media.

Customer Review: If properly configured, an excelent product!

Im using a pair of these as 802.11a(5ghz) bridge between my home and my sons home aross the street(150m). These game adapters are working fantasticly as a bridge, intially between our xboxes, extending and merging our networks. I had no problem getting into the adapter using, setting my NIC to I reset the IP addresses to & 250. to work on my existing net. I have run into slow & locked up transmission but since my son now turns his unit/adapter on/off with his computer and xbox powerstrip we've had few if any more problems. I did call customer support and got some who new nothing.

Customer Review: Keeps getting disconnected

This product is easy to install and at first I thought it was great. But after a few hours of steady streaming, the 'wireless' light goes off and the connection is dropped. If you power-cycle the unit, then it works again (most of the time). But it just disconnects again after a few more hours.

Very frustrating. I would buy a different product.
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