Kamis, 05 Maret 2009

PalmOne PalmPak Games Card (m125, m130, i705 & m500 series)

PalmOne PalmPak Games Card (m125, m130, i705 & m500 series)Want to make waiting around a lot more fun? Next time you're stuck at the airport or in an endless line, plug in the PalmPak Games Card to play 10 entertaining games. Just plug the card into the expansion slot on your Palm m500 series handheld. This postage stamp-size MultiMediaCard expands the capabilities of your handheld to give you the power to play games without sacrificing memory space.

The PalmPak Games Card features an exciting mix of games from the classic to the cutting edge (like SimCity). You'll enjoy favorites like solitaire, chess, checkers, and backgammon; games of chance like nine-ball, blackjack, and Vegas slots; and hot new games like Bubblet and Zap!2016.

Customer Review: There is no Chess game

I bought this card only and only for Chess game and there is none on it.

Customer Review: Good alternative

I think that this was a good choice, because you can erase games of your Palm and free space. Remember, Palm is not a toy. You will not have a Gameboy Advance in your hands if you purchase this Game Card. But I am sure that this can keep you entertained in your free time.
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