Selasa, 17 Februari 2009

Bridge Baron 19 By Great Games

Bridge Baron 19 By Great GamesBRIDGE BARON 19 BY GREAT GAMES -

Customer Review: wonderful playability

Most of these review are for an earlier version than BridgeBaron 19. I just got this program and have spent hours of enjoyment playing it. There are several different ways of challenge: tournament, random play, learning, , etc. Contrary to the above reviews, the graphic are fine. What I like best about this program are the hints you can ask "BridgeBaron." Hints are available for every stage of play and bidding. I am a new duplicate bridge player and I can tell my playing has progressed since I've bought this program.

Customer Review: Tentative Approval

I will continue to use this as a practice vehicle - but I'm disappointed in it in a couple of ways. (I have 'skill level' set to "think for up to 30 seconds".) 'His' opening leads are sometimes strange, especially against NT. Partner will often NOT return opening lead, even when that's the best possible play. When 'he' plays the hand, he sometimes plays "as if he sees through the backs of the cards."
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