Minggu, 01 Februari 2009

Manhattan Usb Game Port Adapter

Manhattan Usb Game Port AdapterCustomer Review: Compatible with Force Feedback Pro Joystick

Unfortunately I could not get this adapter to work with my Microsoft Force Feedback Pro Joystick. My computer does not have a game port as it has built in audio....only USB ports. This Adapter may work with some other joysticks but I could not get the computer to recognize it no matter what I did. I am using Windows XP w/SP2. I took a Creative Labs sound card out of a slightly older computer and installed it. Windows XP recognized it immediately now I can use the joystick.

Customer Review: Excelent conveter with good compatibility

I was looking for a converter for my CH Flight Pro which used an old DB-15 plug, and well is no longer used anymore.

I saw this, and was a little pricey bot ordered it and it works great.

It converted the joystick to USB and Vista detected it and installed drivers and was up and running in no time.

It has a switch on it to configure for four different joysticks makers and different axis and such.

It has a good build quality and over has a clean look and doesnt look cheap.

One thing though, older games will not detect it because they were not made to detect USB joy sticks, games like F22 Rapter and those games.

It should work fine in Flight Sim games though.
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