Selasa, 17 Februari 2009

Saitek Wireless Game Pad-P2900

Saitek Wireless Game Pad-P2900Instantly configure your pad's controls to your own perfect set-up for First Person Shooter games with a single button press. Ergonomic controls with soft touch handles increase grip and comfort. Advanced programming is provided by Saitek Smart Technology (SST) software. System Requirement - Windows XP & XP64

Customer Review: All this and only ONE battery!

I use this gamepad for most of my PC gaming. I have not experienced any issues that others have written about. Range is fine. I'm not across the room, but am maybe three to four feet from the receiver with the gamepad. I am not a fan of vibrating gamepads, so the Logitech, which I was considering buying, was out of the choice. I want a wireless controller with enough buttons to play any and all games. I've got two Saitek pads (one wired, one wireless) and their flight simulator joystick pack. I also own one of their keyboards. I once bought a much earlier version of their wireless gamepad with a rechargeable battery and that was a dud. They sent me a new battery, which went bad in a couple of weeks too. Other than that, I've had nothing but good products from Saitek and have not purchased Logitech controllers. My mouse is a wireless Logitech and it is excellent. Got what I paid for, and not cheap either. I am looking toward getting another wireless pad so we can play three players. Maybe I'll get a fourth? Let the family fun begin. Yay!!

Customer Review: Good gamepad

I use this to play console emulators on my desk top. The software that is included makes mapping the buttons for different systems/games easy. I do feel that interface could be a little more user friendly. There are time at certain angles that it looses signal but that is to be expected from this type of wireless device. Overall this is a good gamepad especially for the price.
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