Minggu, 01 Februari 2009

Playhouse Disney (Motion Controller) TV Game

The Playhouse Disney Motion Controller TV Game is a single controller featuring?several fun and entertaining video games. All that is needed are batteries and a TV -- no video game consoles required. Simply plug the unit into the A/V jacks of any standard television set, turn it on and play! The lightweight, compact, all-inclusive controller houses a combination of video games with all of the hardware and software built right in. This technology allows gaming fans to enjoy a number of video games with just one single purchase. Requires?two?"AAA" batteries and?four?"AA" batteries, not included.

Customer Review: No excitment with this toy

Bought for my three year old twins who love the Disney characters presented with this toy. Unfortunately, these games had no excitment with them. I was expecting the music to go along with the shows and the characters, but the characters don't speak, and the music is bad elevator background music. Besides the video, nothing else goes with the Disney shows that the kids love and the game has no excitment for them.
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