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Nintendo Game Boy Game Link Cable

Nintendo Game Boy Game Link CableCustomer Review: Gameboy Link Cable

I ordered this product so that I can trade Pokemon.

I didn't receive an actual "Nintendo" link cable like I ordered. Instead it was some brand x purple cable.

The cable was over 1 foot long which is nice so that your friend isn't crammed beside you. Along with the Gameboy Color connections it also had 2 connections to fit the original Gameboy. The connectors are also a nice tight fit and do not slip out.


Long cable.

Extra connections for original Gameboy


The one I ordered was not the Nintendo brand as advertised.

Kind of expensive for what you get, when you can get a used one at a game store for $2.

Customer Review: A necessity if you want to trade Pokémon from the first and second generation games.

I have two Game Boy Advance SP systems, and though it s great that I can still play classic Pokémon games like Crystal, Silver, and Blue, I wondered why the games would not allow me to trade if I tried to do it using a Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable. So that s when I did some research and found out that a Game Boy Color Link Cable is required for trading.

The one I got didn t look like a Nintendo licensed product, but nevertheless, the Game Boy Color cable did fit into the systems with no problems, and the games finally do allow you to trade. A cable for the original Game Boy is also included if you happen to still have an original Game Boy unit, and that cable has plugs which are far too large for the GBA or GBC.

So if you still play classic Pokémon games on your GBA, but don t know why you can t trade with your link cable, then getting this will hopefully solve your problem. Obviously, this cable is not exclusive to the Pokémon games; it will work with any other Game Boy games which have multi-player functionalities, but I don t have any other games to test it out with.
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