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Macally iShock II USB Force Feedback Programmable Game Controller

Macally iShock II USB Force Feedback Programmable Game ControllerMacally iShock II is the first USB game controller for Mac with force feedback in the market. iShock II is packed with 13 fully programmable buttons, dual thumb sticks, 8-way directional buttons and realistic multi-level vibration into one awesome unit. iShock II supports both InputSprocket and non-InputSprocket games and its an ideal choice for Mac gamers who wants to feel every bump and turn in your games. Get the first force feedback game controller for Macintosh in the market and let iShockII take you to a higher level of fun and excitement.

Customer Review: Not on my new Mac!

This DID NOT WORK on my shiny new Mac. I got 2. I guess that makes me twice as stupid. Macally told me they'd keep me posted if they ever produce what I thought I already had paid for. I guess thats their version of customer service. I'll keep them posted how I feel about that by giving their products 1 star ratings. It's good we can stay in touch with each other, isn't it?

Customer Review: It does work on Intel Macs

To all those who say it does not work on Intel Macs. Please note that Macally has simply stopped development of their proprietary driver. However, the controller does work with OS X's built in support for HID input devices. Applications that support HID through OS X will work with the iShock II. One feature of the controller that will not work because it requires the Macally driver is the rumble feature. The Macally driver also provided the ability to map the controller buttons to other applications that do not support OS X's HID interface. This feature can be replicated using third party utilities such as USB Overdrive
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