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Mastertronic OPERFLASHGOTYED Operation Flashpoint Game Of Theyear Ed. [windows 98/me/xp]

Mastertronic OPERFLASHGOTYED Operation Flashpoint Game Of Theyear Ed. [windows 98/me/xp]Penetrating Even Deeper Into Operation Flashpoint Territory Comes Operation Flashpoint: Game Of The Year Edition. Raw Recruits To Operation Flashpoint Can Experience The Impending Conflict With Just One Complete Package. The Award Winning Game Is Fully Loaded With Every Upgrade Add-on And Expansion Including All Vehicles Weapons And Extra Campaigns Released To Date.the Game Of The Year Edition Includes: operation Flashpoint: take Command Of A Us Army Squad Or Just Cover Your Own Back. Stay Alive And Win Through To Victory. rich Enthralling Campaign Single Missions And Multiplay - Use Stealth Tactics Or All-out Assault To Combat Those Who Would Obliterate Freedom. take To The Skies Or Battlefield In Multiplayer Mission Scenarios Across Tcp/ip Lan Or Internet. create Your Own Strategic Challenges For Solo Or Multiplay With Easy To Use Mission Editor - Limited Only By Your Imagination And The Shores Of The Massive 100 Square Km Islands. over 40 Vehicles To Drive Or Fly. From Ah1 Cobra Helicopter To M1a1 Abrams Tank To A10 Thunderbolt Jet Each War Machine Is Visually Accurate To Its Original Military Spec. red Hammer: The Soviet Campaign when The Us Campaign Is Complete Join The Revolution And Fight On The Side Of The Soviet Force. Shoulder The Rifle Of Ex-spetsnaz Agent Dmitri Lukin In The Additional 20-mission Soviet Campaign Red Hammer. resistance: enhancing The Flashpoint Universe Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Creates An Additional 100km2 Island Complete With Industrial-style Buildings And Original Landscape Scenery. Thanks To The Use Of High-resolution Textures Throughout The Visuals Will Be Much More Detailed And Dramatic Than Ever Before. features: complete 20-mission Campaign larger Urban Environments new Vehicles And Weapons system Requirements:win 98/2000/me/xp: Pentium Ii 500 Mhz (pentium Iii 700 Mhz Recommended) 128 Mb Ram (256 Mb Ram Recommended) 16 Bit Directx 8.1 Sound Compliant Sound Card Compatible 3d Graphics Card With 16 Mb Ram (32 Mb Ram Recomm...

Customer Review: good game

I like this game. it's pretty good. if your have a laptop try to get a mouse because useing the toutch pad reallt sucks when playing this game. overall good game

Customer Review: Real, real war

This 1st person shooter makes a new era in this kind of games. Maybe not so graphically espectacular as Medal of Honor or similars, but with realistic ballistics and weapons.

A single shot at 1000m can kill you and the weight of ammo and weapons is limited, so you can not behave as a Bradley tank as you do in MOHAA, for example.

The enviroment is very big, with a tactical use of maps and obstacles, and there is not so much pleople as in other shooters.

You can manage a wide range of infantry weapons, including RPG or LAW grenade launchers, guided AA and AT missiles, machine guns, and a wide range of vehicles, including M-60, M1A1, T-55, T72 tanks BMP or Bradley ATVs (nice realistics, but it is NOT a tank simulator), or helicopters (poorly realistic).

As a complement ther are some cars and even a bus, useful for ambientation.

This is not an arcade, is nearer a tactical trainer for an officer academy...

It comes with 3 campaigns, the original one for Western forces, Resistance (Nice Anti-soviet Propaganda exercise) and Red Hammer (A really shame if you are not an US citizen).

If you want to use this game as a soviet-eastern-block soldier, better make your own missions with the editor.

The editor has 2modes, one simple an manageable and the otherreally comprehensive but difficult to manage.
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