Minggu, 01 Februari 2009

Polaroid 8" Two Screen Portable DVD Player with Game Controller - DPA-08055S

Polaroid 8 Two Screen Portable DVD Player with Game Controller - DPA-08055SCustomer Review: Horrible product

I bought the polaroid DPA-08055S dvd player for my kids two weeks back. It worked great the first weekend. However, two days back the main player would not work at all. It shows up as a blank screen and does not play anything. I could smell something burning. I would advise folks to buy extended warranty on this product if there is one.

Customer Review: awful product with awful warranty

We bought this last Christmas, it was on sale, to take a trip the end of march. It worked fine the whole trip. Got home put it away. Took the kids to Disney for summer break in July and could never get it to work, just said reading disc. 200 dollars down the drain unless we want to find someone to fix ..then it will be a 300 dvd player. This is our 3rd portable and I don't think anyone makes a great one, if anyone knows of one please let everyone know.
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