Minggu, 01 Februari 2009

Dreamgear Plug‘n Play 101 Games

Dreamgear Plug‘n Play 101 GamesDREAMGEAR DGUN-202 Plug-and-Play Wireless Controller with 101 Games Wireless plug-and-play technology for use at home or on the go; Includes 101 games such as action, sports, strategy, shooting, puzzle, and racing games; No video game console required;For ages 5 and up;Batteries optional Plug-and-Play Wireless Controller with 101 Games

Customer Review: Games are not so interesting..

product works without any problems. Based on the previous reviews i read in amazon, I expected lot from this product. But this is very ordinary. Games are not interesting at all. Not sure if kids will like this or not. I personally did not like the games.

Customer Review: Excellent Bar Top Game For Adults!

For those of us who have a bar with an LCD or small tube TV, this wireless product works great as a tabletop arcade. Looks fine on a 13" or larger screen, though the text can be a bit fuzzy (but the graphics look fine). Lots of fun with friends over a few beers or cocktails.
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