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AK Rock Box Gaming and Storage Ottoman with Drum Lift (Dark Brown)

AK Rock Box Gaming and Storage Ottoman with Drum Lift (Dark Brown)Now your Rock Band gaming components can be protected while stored conveniently right at your feet with the AK Rock Box Gaming Ottoman. This stylish piece of functional furniture, made with high-quality dark brown leatherette fabric, will fit right in with your living room's decor while helping you to eliminate the clutter of Rock Band gaming components. The storage area includes the AK Drum Lift, a specially designed mechanism that assists in raising the drums for playing and lowering them for storage with an easy one-hand motion. It also provides storage space for two gaming guitars, a foot pedal, and a microphone.

Note that all instruments, accessories, and games are sold separately.

The AK Rock Box Gaming Ottoman will keep your Rock Band instruments and accessories well organized.

Instruments, accessories, and games are sold separately.

Customer Review: High in cool factor, but definitely room for improvement

We purchased this based on the need to "clean up" the Rock Band room. The other reviews were pretty good and it looks sharp online. We ordered on a Sunday and it arrived on Wednesday.

First impressions were good. Although quite heavy, it DOES look sharp, feels nice to sit on and holds a bunch of stuff. I put two wireless guitars, Rock Band 2 wireless drums and pedal, the mic, and a half-dozen controllers and remotes into the box with no problem. Once closed, visitors would never realized how addicted you are to fake plastic rock.

The Rock Box's internal drum support frame seems like a great idea, and it is, but needs two kinds of improvement. First, the lid closes at a low angle. This "clips" the front edge of my Rock Band 2 drums, making the box very tricky to open without damaging them. I picture a visitor just pulling the box open without knowing and SNAP--dead drums. That's the weakest part of the design and could be overcome by adding a little more depth to the box itself.

Once you open the box, the hinged drum support rises and "locks" about two feet up. The range of motion ALLOWS for a few more inches of height, but sinks back to that one level. (As a 6' tall drummer, I "force" it to stay at the higher level by placing a block against the hinge base.) It would be EXCELLENT to improve the support structure, which seems fragile, and allow multiple height settings. Both of those aspects compare poorly to the stock Rock Band drum kit.

Would I buy this again? Yeah, maybe, but I'd at least look for other options that handled the drums more elegantly. You could, for example, re-use the stock drum struts by putting sockets near the inside front edge, saving the cost of all that hinge engineering.


- Exterior looks nice, comfortable padded top

- Easy to "assemble"

- Can fit many extras in the box, including controllers, games, and remotes


- Lid edge "grabs" the green and red drum edges, a significant damage hazard

- Drum kit support doesn't "lock" at highest level, making it harder to use for tall players

- Feet could use pads to prevent floor marks, given the box weight

Customer Review: this totally rocks!

This thing is awesome!

Stores the pedal, mic, guitars perfectly and the lift for the drums is great.

Seems pretty sturdy.

It's comfortable to sit on for normal gaming, and lid works great to lean against when playing rock band (or just spectating).

I was worried it'd be too huge, but it's a great size.

Two things though:

It's listed as "dark brown". I don't remember that when I ordered it (I don't think there was a color) and from the pictures I assumed it was black. When the box came I was worried when I saw that it was listed as dark brown,

but it's either the darkest brown I've ever seen, or it's black.

The drum height isn't adjustable the way it is with the original stand, but it seems to be at a good height.
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