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Mating Game

Customer Review: A crash course on taxing theory

In fact I am not under 13 -it's just that I happen to have an old computer and the new protocols' rampant paranoia is simply preventing me from openly and honestly expressing my views. {To the site administrators: as the famous 'Rebel Without A Cause' quote goes, "You read too many comics!"...}

Now let's go straight to the point of it:

Most laypeople have polarized views about taxes -they either disregard the whole matter or become paralyzed by their fear of what they perceive as a Kafkian chaos.

'Mating Game' should be adopted as an introductory exercise by high-school and IRS extension courses since it gives revealing insight on the rationale behind general taxing theory and procedures, as well as their articulation with the whole of the legal system (federal and otherwise jurisdictional).

Customer Review: Let's Talk Government

The Mating Game is a fun but somewhat tedious film about a family who has not paid taxes their whole lives. They live with little income; they trade to get what they need for their large family. When the IRS discovers that they have never contributed to the government, a man goes to audit them. He finds it very difficult to determine what they owe due to their strange way of living and the fact that the teenage daughter (Debbie Reynolds) won't stop manhandling him. To make matters even more frustrating- for him at least- is that the family keeps bringing up that the government owes them payment for horses taken during the Civil War.

The movie can make you think about the way the government works, a somewhat corrupt and unfair system. Although taxes paid for the IRS workers' car, it is considered taboo for the taxpayers to even touch it. The debt to the family from the Civil War is laughed at, but yet the taxes owed for a few decades are of the highest importance. However, these issues are barely touched upon due to the jovial nature of the film.

The cast is great, especially Reynold's whose youthful vibrance lights up the screen whether she's running around shrieking or seducing older men.

Overall, this is not a bad way to waste some time, but it isn't overly inspiring or exciting.
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