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Elmo's World - Birthdays, Games & More

Elmo's World - Birthdays, Games & MoreFirst up, it's birthday time! Elmo knows everyone loves birthdays and here takes a close-up look at the celebration. The zany Mr. Noodle gives us a gift-wrapping lesson, but first gets caught up in the wrapping paper! Then we join a son and his father in their kitchen as they go through the steps of baking a birthday cake for mom. After that, we watch as Elmo is visited by a chatty birthday cake who playfully admits that being a cake is in fact, "a piece of cake!"

Who can think of all this birthday fun without games coming to mind? Elmo loves to play games and here he explores all his favorites with his Sesame Street friends. Mr. Noodle joins in the fun with a jump rope lesson, of course, with a little silliness mixed in. Two Sesame Street kids teach each other 'where is thumpkin' in both English and Spanish. Finally, Elmo uses his imagination to become a basketball star where he announces, "Elmo got game!"

Pets are last up on this fun-filled home video. First, Mr. Noodle tries to play fetch with a goldfish and a hamster before Barkely the dog shows up. Then, kids explain how they play with their own pets - lizards, cats and guinea pugs included. Last up, Elmo gets a real sense of what being a pet is like when he imagines himself as a fish, a hamster, and a bird!

Customer Review: Wish there was more birthday scenes

Only giving it 4 stars because there is not that much birthday related scenes. I bought it because my son is obsessed with birthdays - they don't even sing the traditional Happy Birthday Song!! But my son still looooooves this DVD and entertains him greatly. Very fun DVD - even with the little birthday scenes.

Customer Review: Baby loves it and so does dad

Elmo is very funny. Baby loves it and I have to say that Elmo character makes some comments and jokes that only an adult would understand. I find him very entertaining compared to Barney and Tellitubies. I would pick watching Elmo anyday over the other children DVDs.
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