Minggu, 18 Januari 2009

Linksys WGA11B Wireless-B Game Adapter

Linksys WGA11B Wireless-B Game AdapterThe LINKSYS WGA11B Wireless-B Game Adapter gives any wired Ethernet equipped game console wireless connection capability. If you have an existing home wireless network with a cable or DSL Internet connection, the Game Adapter lets your PlayStation, XBOX, or GameCube attach to the network so you can get into online games without running wires to the game room. Or, you can use a pair of Game Adapters to form a "cable-less cable" between two game consoles for head-to-head gaming -- in the same room, or all the way across the house!

Customer Review: Works great with the Xbox 360

I just connected the Linksys WGA11B 802.11b Wireless Game Adapter to my internet network that is run by Comcast Cable. This device works great and only takes about 15 minutes to setup. Xbox Live (360) is working so I will be happy for the next few years...

Customer Review: A great option for the XBOX 360

I have two of these and had been using them with my regular XBOX and they worked great. I then got a 360 and decided to give it a try, and am I glad that I did. It works just as it should no lag at all and I didnt have to buy a 100 dollar USB one for my 360! The internet is not like a truck, you just cant dump things on it. It's, It's... a series of tubes!
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