Selasa, 06 Januari 2009

Cluzzle Game

Cluzzle GameThe game of deduction that inspires creativity and heaps of laughter!

Customer Review: Great game for all ages

This game is really fun for all ages. We played it with a family group from ages 5 to 75! So many laughs! It allows lots of creativity. Only one problem. The clay was dried up when it arrived, so we had to buy some playdough. But it was well worth it!

Customer Review: Nice fun game

We principally bought this game because we were impressed by Wits and Wagers by the same manufacturer. While not as entertaining, we still have lots of fun with Cluzzle. The game is suitable for several age groups. The scoring scheme described seemed a little unintuitive, but we just reversed the rule to make it alright. Overall, a nice party game that can be enjoyed by groups of four or more.
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