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D Skin Protective Game Skins 50 Pack

D Skin Protective Game Skins 50 Packd_skin Protective Disc Skins are a totally new, totally necessary product that acts as a protective Skin for all your favorite discs. Once your discs are skinned, there is nothing to take off to play your discs, nothing to put on when you store your discs - one product protects them all the time!How do you use them? Just snap one of these onto your music, movie, game or data CDs and consider them protected. The amazing Liplock Seal snaps onto the edge of any standard size disc and holds tight. Leave your d_skin Protective Disc Skin on while you play away - outside and inside your media players. Seriously. Your discs are totally readable right through the Skin.The beauty is, once your discs are skinned, if you scratch them, you just toss the damaged Skin and snap on a fresh one. Your entertainment survives!!

Customer Review: d skins

These d skins are great. They protect the games and the movies from being scratched up. would recommend to get. great product

Customer Review: An Idea to Help this Product Out...

I bought a bunch of these, even some off an eBay seller, and bragged about this product excessively, even to the point of selling some to friends who owned a local video store, as a possible additional product they could begin selling also.

The ones I bought from the eBay seller weren't very good, and unfortunately I bought them in bulk, in the large spools of 100.

Here's my 'Final Report':

They're still a good product if you want to archive or store CD's, or if you just handle them a lot. If your console game works well with them, bully for you, and maybe you can keep the edges on them perfectly and save all those expensive discs from destruction when they're thrown about the room by a bunch of mad little gamers (we're talking li'l kids here, or maybe grown-ups who've never had to buy their own!).

I noticed one really big flaw, that, if the company capitalized on it, they could potentially turn their product around and even re-establish themselves back into a very real market for this type of product. When I went back and looked closely at my eBay-bought skins, I noticed they were, every one, split at the hub. The vendor had very possibly gotten a bunch with this problem from the factory, and passed the problem on to me. One word on that..."EBAY!" (said like the word 'Pirate!' in the Johnnie Depp movie and you get it).

Here's what D-skins should do--merely put the same snap-on orange band around the center hub, and voila--world saved! I am convinced, after going through 200 of these, testing them on my own various PS2 games, and hearing them 'spin out' (or lose their grip due to the split in the skin hub), that D-Skin could do a little R & D and help all those old consoles 'grab' the discs in any D-skins with orange center 'hubs'.

After all, I've read an awful lot of web forums on PS2 modding that basically show that older units had this problem all along, causing them to fail seemingly randomly, and many times that's what got 'modders' interested in modding in the first place.

That perfectly re-engineered little extra 'hub' centerpiece would undoubtedly help save a genuinely good idea that just needs a little help or else is a total loss, really.

Oh...also, be careful when explaining the use of these currently designed ones to any friends--one ex-customer failed to hear (or heed) my serious warning to NOT use these in your car stereo, or slot CD units, either, and came back on ME with a little complaint later, saying her son ruined his expensive car stereo, and they were SO glad they knew a good auto sound repairman who got it replaced for free. Yay, people never really listen, especially to geeky little whiners like me, especially when worlds depend on it.

D-Skins could really work, mark my words, if D-Skins were redesigned with the center hub. Hope they listen, I can't exactly manufacture hundreds of little orange center hubs myself!
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