Jumat, 09 Januari 2009

World of Goo

World of GooCustomer Review: Extremely impressive and whole lot of fun!

I can't believe World of Goo is so cheap! It's the best game I've played all year and has always put a smile on my face while playing. Incredible art direction, stellar music and intuitive controls makes this a game I can't recommend highly enough. It's a breath of fresh air in a sea of violent and darkly themed games (not that there's anything wrong with those) that I'm sure will be enjoyed by gamers of any age. I picked this up as a downloadable WiiWare title on our Wii and it controls great with the remote, but I'm sure it works just as well with a mouse and keyboard. As the end of 2008 rolls in, World of Goo is picking up awards left and right, which is amazing for a game created by 2 guys in a coffee shop. Also, the lack of DRM makes installing this game on multiple machines in your house hassle-free, and I think these devs should be supported for that decision.

Customer Review: Great indy game

This game is extremely innovative. It is also impressive that they released it DRM free. This means that there will be no compatibility issues down the road.

Its awesome, especially given the price.
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