Minggu, 18 Januari 2009

Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable

Game Boy Advance Game Link CableThe Game Boy Advance Game Link cable allows you to trade data or play multiplayer games with other owners of Game Boy Advance systems. This cable will only work with the Game Boy Advance portable video game system and Game Boy Advance Game Paks.

Customer Review: One warning for you GBA owners

Nintendo advertises this cable to allow 4 people to play together off of one pack. Absolutely not a 100% true. Certain games such as NHL 2002, and other sports games, each player must have a pack to be able to connect. Many parents have found this out all too late on road trips and what not. Make sure you read the warning on the back of the game and instructions to see what you need for multiplayer gaming. (...)

Customer Review: Does what it is made for

This product is made by nintendo, so you know it is going to be well manufactured. it cost me about ten bucks at toys r us. it is about 40 inches, or 3 feet 4 inches. another foot would have been nice, but it gets the job done.

using game link cables, you can have up to four players play at the same time. it takes one cable to connect two people, two to connect three people, and three to connect four people.

i have one problem with it though: why is it grey and PURPLE? most video gamers are guys, and most guys i know are not crazy about the color purple. oh well.

This is probably the best game link on the market currently. get one if you plan to play with other people on your GBA.
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