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HDMI Cable 6FT: 1.3a Category 2(Full 1080P Capable)(Compatible with Xbox 360 & PS3)

HDMI Cable 6FT: 1.3a Category 2(Full 1080P Capable)(Compatible with Xbox 360 & PS3)BRAND NEW - HDMI 1.3a Category 2 Certified Cable 28AWG - 6ft w/Ferrite Cores (Gold Plated Connectors) - BLACK. IF IT'S NOT RATED HDMI 1.3a Category 2, THEN IT'S NOT FULL 1080P! DON'T BE FOOLED BY CHEAP IMITATIONS! Perfect for: 1080P TV's, New 120 Hz 1080p TV's, Play Station 3, Blu Ray Playes, HD DVD Players, XBOX 360, Dolby Surround Sound, TRUE HD Surround Sound.

The latest revision for HDMI doubles the bandwidth of the original and has opened the door for a host of potential new advancements in Home Theater Audio/Video performance. New features such a Deep Color, higher color gamut, and high resolution, multi-channel audio formats like Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio will make higher bandwidth demands than ever before. Equipment manufacturers are bringing out new devices to take advantage of these new features

Customer Review: DOES NOT WORK FOR XBOX 360!!!!!

First off, do not believe the product description. THIS CABLE WILL NOT WORK FOR THE XBOX 360. It will not fit into the back. Ok, now that we have that out of the way, this is a very cheap cable but if you are just looking for an HDMI cable to get the job done for your satellite box or whatnot, this cable is great for its price. So far I haven't had any problems with it, so if you are on a budget (or just do not want to shell out big bucks for an HDMI cable), give this one a try. Just remember, you get what you paid for.

Customer Review: Very poor quality for HDMI

After two years of using component cables for my Xbox 360, and a year of using a Monster HDMI cable for my PS3, I decided that the difference in quality between the two was noticable enough for me to go out and buy another HDMI cable for my Xbox. After shopping around, and seeing the price and reviews for this cable, I bought it, and in all honesty, this cable is much worse than even my component cables. I tried a few different movies, and a few different games, all to no avail. Characters in my games are choppy, and pixelated, and all of the movies, even in HD quality are blurry. I decided to switch the two cables to see if it was just my Xbox, and immediately noticed the difference. This is a poor cable and I would not reccomend it to anyone who cares about the quality of the graphics on their screen.
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