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POCKET LASER SHOWPalm-Sized Disco The tiny unit, 3-3/4" x 2" x 2-5/8" OA, projects a bunch of scintillating red laser patterns on some otherwise dull surface, like your wall. It has controls for patterns and direction, plus manual or automatic operation, a demo mode, wrist strap, and a fold-down easel so you can set it up and boogie along instead of holding it for your friends. Runs on (3) "AAA"s, included.

Customer Review: Cool little laser

This laser is pretty fun. It is reeally small, though- i.e. it really does fit in your pocket. I like it a lot, but the only thing I could say that's wrong with it is it's not very bright. The room has to be pretty dark for it to be impressive. Also, the actual laser projection isn't very wide unless you move the laser really far away from the wall or ceiling that you're projecting it on. But for the price it's a pretty sweet lil gadget.

Customer Review: Pocket Lazer

This item does what it says it does in the description. It's pretty cool for a small item and the light projected from it is a little brighter than I expected it to be. However the downside of it is that I practically had to break it to get the battery area open. They need to fix this and make it easier to pry it open with a knife or coin by putting a little slot there. But for the cheap price (I paid $12), it's pretty good.
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