Jumat, 02 Januari 2009

Satin Black Love Mask Blindfold Eye Mask

Satin Black Love Mask Blindfold Eye MasMost people use sleep masks for very practical reasons while sleeping, but sleep masks can be designed to be sassy and sexy as well. Whether blocking out ambient street light or the bright sun of a summer day, whether napping or catching winks between swing shifts, slip away to dreamland in your sleep mask. You can enjoy a restful sleep and look like a movie star.

Customer Review: Live in the dark!

Delivered on time and in good shape.Soft Satin Black Love Mask Blindfold Personal Massager Kit

Customer Review: you get what you pay for

this mask is comfortable enough initially, but the so called "love mask" is not made to be worn for long periods of time. i took a nap w/it on and when i woke up the part of my face under the mask was covered w/sweat. its made of a kind of material that feels something like polyester.
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