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Playskool Busy Ball-Tivity Center

Playskool Busy Ball-Tivity CenterTreat your baby to some poppin', droppin' funtime with the Busy Ball-Tivity Center Assortment from Playskool. Designed for ages nine months and up, this air-powered activity center will delight babies with its high-rolling balls, exciting sounds, and adorable toys. This fun, stimulating, and durable set entertains baby, while also encouraging hand-eye coordination and healthy auditory and visual development.

The Ball-tivity Center encourages hand-eye coordination and visual and auditory development. View larger.
Hours of Interactive Fun
The Ball-Tivity features cute jungle animals and a ladybug that entice little fingers to grasp and explore. Mom or baby can press down on the ladybug to start the action and keep things moving. As the air starts to flow, lively music plays and animal sounds seem to bring this activity set to life. Parts appear to magically move, making this exotic adventure pure delight for a curious child.

The bright colored balls swirl around the pool. View larger.
Stimulates the Senses and Encourages Healthy Development
The Ball-Tivity engages all of baby's senses, and encourages hand-eye coordination while introducing your child to the relationship between cause and effect. Colored balls swirl around the pool, inviting little hands to reach in and pull them out, then drop them back in to watch them swirl around and around again. You or baby can also place a ball on top of the volcano and see it hover. Stackable palm tree, elephant and alligator pieces all spin, twirl and chomp when placed on their separate ports, or they can be stacked for a different perspective.

The Ball-Tivity Center requires four "D" batteries (not included), and comes with monkey and palm tree snap-in pieces, three balls, three stacking pieces, and instructions. For your child's safety, all plastic fasteners should be removed and discarded before play.

What's in the Box
Ball-Tivity Center, monkey and palm tree snap-in pieces, three balls, three stacking pieces, and instructions.

Customer Review: FUN TOY!!!

My 10 month old just received this toy and she LOVES it. Her favorite part is catching the balls as they spin around. She figured out VERY quickly how to work it.

It would be nice if it came with more balls, but Santa is bringing the ball popper, so she will get more anyways. my 6 year old loves playing it with the baby also. I do have to remind him that it is her toy..


Customer Review: Very entertaining

This toy is great! Other reviewers mentioned the noise being a bit disconcerting, however my daughter hates the vacuum but doesn't mind the toy one bit. Right now she loves pressing the lady bug and throwing the alligator. She plays with the balls and tries to pick up the toy and walk off with it. The best part: she loves to self entertain with this toy. It keeps her interested for a good 30 minutes at a time, not including the time she takes to toss the balls and chase them around the room. This was a great purchase!
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