Kamis, 15 Januari 2009

Smith & Wesson Delta Force Tactical Flashlight

Smith & Wesson Delta Force Tactical FlashlightThe Delta Force Tactical Flashlight provides an innovative blend of power and durability. This sleek flashlight gives its user the blinding brightness of a powerful xenon bulb inside a high density T6-6063 aerospace titanium aluminum casing, giving its user 93 lumens of brilliant white light. Its shatterproof, scratch-resistant lens and corrosion resistant casing is double O-ring sealed for maximum protection against fire, water, and chemical damage

Customer Review: Bargain Tactical Light & Great work light

This S&W light works great. It's very sturdy and bright with a focused beam. It also comes with a belt holster, batteries, and spare bulb. It fits my needs as a paramedic well and I could not be happier.

I bought this for $40 from a SoCal sporting goods store and used it for over 2 years before TSA stole from my baggage at the airport. I never had to replace the bulb.

To replace it, I bought a similar model from Blackhawk for $60 but could tell no improvement, plus it came with no holster or spare bulb. So I bought this again, this time @ amazon.com, for work and saved the other for dog walking.

One reviewer here mentioned the different style batteries but they are 123 model 3V camera batteries, typically found at any drug or general store for $9-10/pr. The cheapest I found was online for $35 for a dozen.

I would not be surprised to find them charging more for this product so get it cheap while you can.

Customer Review: Short Battery Life

If you are looking for a great flashlight and battery life does not matter, this is the light for you.
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