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StarTech COMP2VGA Video Game Jockey Console To PC Monitor Converter Adapter

StarTech COMP2VGA Video Game Jockey Console To PC Monitor Converter AdapterWith the StarTech Video Game Jockey, you can play your video games on your computer monitor. Simply connect your Xbox, Playstation 2, GAMECUBE, Dreamcast, or other game console to the Video Game Jockey, then plug into your computer monitor, and it's game on!

Save money on the cost of a separate TV, and free up your workspace. The Video Game Jockey is perfect for tight spaces like dorm rooms and bedrooms. It supports full audio pass-through via your PC speakers or headphones, and switches from PC to game display with the push of a button. Play games even when your PC is switched off. You can also connect VCRs, DVD players, and camcorders to your monitor.


  • Also allows VCRs, DVDs and video cameras to connect to monitor
  • Audio pass through with amplified (active) speakers
  • Compatible anywhere in the world, with automatic NTSC and PAL video signals detection
  • Convenient push-button switching between game display and PC display
  • Easy one-time plug and play set up requires no drivers
  • Includes all necessary cables for instant out of the box set up
  • Superior video resolution--1280 x 1024 at 60Hz
  • Supports composite (RCA) and S-video input
  • The StarTech COMP2VGA Video Game Jockey Console To PC Monitor Converter Adapter is backed by a 1-year warranty and free lifetime tech support.

    What's in the Box
    COMP2VGA adapter, 15-pin HD extension cable, stereo audio cable, and 9-volt DC power supply.

    Customer Review: Don't Buy This

    Straight up do not waste your money on this product. I bought the Video Game Jockey in order to play my XBox 360 on a computer monitor, and the quality was absolutely terrible. Furthermore, the audio/visual lag was still a problem. Afterward, I bought a cable made by XBox that plugs into the console and goes to VGA. This cable works beautifully and preserves picture quality very well. It also helped to eliminate A/V lag. You should be able to buy the cable at any Best Buy or large electronics store.

    Customer Review: Turn your monitor into a video game TV!

    I don't have enough space in my dorm room for a TV, but the gamer in me told me I couldn't live without my Wii or my PS2. So I bought this product and it has made life a whole lot easier. I have a Compaq monitor from 1998, and I can play video games well on it. The complaints come from people who are playing games with very high quality graphics, granted this product doesn't produce a perfect picture it is hardly noticeable to me. (It depends on the quality of the monitor) I notice that the sound produced was sort of scratchy on my old speakers, but when I tried my newer, nicer speakers, the sound was perfect.

    I am able to instantly switch from my game to my computer's desktop, so there's no set up trouble each time you want to play a game. It will hook up to anything that has RCA cables. A VGA cable is included for you to connect to it. If you are in a situation where there is no TV, this is a great thing to have, to be able to turn your computer's monitor into a TV!
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