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Jakks Pacific Ultimotion Swing Zone Sports Motion Controller Video Game

Play your favorite sports like a pro with the Ultimotion Swing Zone Sports video game. This fun and entertaining interactive video game will have your five- to 10-year-old child hitting home runs like a champ, tossing a football like a quarterback, and acing their opponents on the tennis court in no time flat.

The game controllers look like real sports equipment. View larger.
What We Think

Fun Factor:


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The Good: Allows you to control the sports action with your own movements

The Bad: Requires a lot of space for play

In a Nutshell: Gives young kids the chance to practice their favorite sports moves
At a Glance

Ages: 5 and up
Requires: Two AAA batteries, four AA batteries and a television
Let The Games Begin!
With the Swing Zone Sports video game, your child can get right in the middle of the action. The set-up is simple, and with five different sports challenges to choose from, the fun will last for hours . To get started, simply insert two AAA batteries into the game controller, four AA batteries into the game console, and hook it up to your television with the AV cable provided. Give your child plenty of room to perform all of their favorite sports action and watch as they shine like a sports star.

Your child can choose from one of six sports competitors and games: tossing footballs like a quarterback at moving targets; throwing strikes as they bowl 10 frames in the bowling challenge; serving and returning smash hits on the tennis court; teeing up for a round of golf or hitting home runs for points on the baseball diamond; and more.

Each sports challenge comes with the option of one or two players, with high scores recorded so your little athlete can keep track of their progress. Adding to the fun are the lightweight, plastic game controller accessory handles, individually designed to look like real sports equipment.

Get Off The Couch And Into The Action!
Once you have connected the Swing Zone Sports game console to your television, take a moment to sync it to the hand-held game controller. This may take a few tries of pushing the right buttons, but once the status indicator on the game controller begins flashing, your child is ready to go. Be sure to give them plenty of room to play (at least eight feet of space) so they can safely mimic real sports motions like tossing and swinging. And remember to keep the adjustable wrist strap securely wrapped around each player's wrist during play as forgetting to do so might result in them loosing their grip during the exciting action.

A fun and entertaining way to learn basic athletic moves, the Swing Zone Sports video game engages your younger child with bright graphics and simple but fun sports challenges. The variety of activities combined with the entertaining choices of sports characters and the durable plastic accessory handles makes this video game fun and engaging for young players.

What's in the Box
Game console with a/v cable, game controller, and five controller accessory handles.

Customer Review: Great Value & Lots of Fun for the Whole Family

This game is a lot of fun for the whole family. My boyfriend & I play it even when the kids aren't home & we have plenty of them (5 ages 12 & down). They all enjoy it and it sure beats spending $$$ of the Wii. We saw this at our local store for $90.00 & paid less than $25 including shippping thru Amazon. Thanks for the great Christmas gift!

Customer Review: HOURS OF FUN

after purchasing a ISPORT interactive system for which i was somewhat pleased with exeption to the bowling game, I came across this system online and for the unbelievable price I figured that I could at least give it a try after watching the demo. The bowling game as well as all others on this system was great, unbelievable graphics, the best i've come across for a system outside of an actual wii system. After viewing the demo I decided to go out on a limb and order two, one for myself and one for my nephews. We both are soooo pleased with this product. Never have i been such a big golf fan until after playing this game, it is so much fun and even moreso during these winter months, good exercise. Did have problems at first syncing product but I believe that was due to a weak battery that was in a pack I had purchased a while back. If you are having problems syncing, make sure you are using fresh batteries and that should solve the problem. All is well now and I highly, highly recommend this product. If anyone comes across a better deal than this in the economic status we are now in , please let me know, you'll be hard pressed to do so. Thanks AMAZON.
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