Selasa, 06 Januari 2009

Wii AC Adapter for Hardcore Gaming

Wii AC Adapter for Hardcore GamingCables Unlimited's Wii AC Adapter is the best replacement for the original AC power adapter and the perfect solution for using your Wii in separate locations without having to carry your bulky power supply around. Universal voltage input lets you take your Wii anywhere in the world without a voltage converter. If you are looking for a long lasting reliable Wii power supply, this one is for you.

Customer Review: Wii Adapter

Wii AC Adapter is great because it does 110-240V 50-60 Hz, so if you need to take your Wii around the world, all you need is an adapter for the plug and it will work anywhere. Only problem is if you have a zoned Wii then you need to get a chip that gets rid of the zoning.
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