Senin, 12 Januari 2009

Jump Start

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Customer Review: Fun but construction is a joke!

Purchased this for our 25lb 3 yr-old despite the many reviews that it breaks easily. My hope was that my light-weight wouldn't cause too much wear on the bungee cord. It wasn't extremely hard to assemble but the directions are a bit vague. It takes concentration to ensure correct cord threading. My issue is two-fold: 1/ The green jumping mat is much smaller than the space it fits making it hard to adjust evenly. We ended up with a wider space at the bottom and so wide that the cord shows after the cover is on and you can see the floor. It shouldn't be a problem as long as my son's feet don't slip and fall through. 2/ The sensor for the games (I bought this model for the games) is a 3-way cord that connects under the mat to each leg. The sensor itself is a hook that connects to the front leg and when the tramp is jumped on, the cord underneath is supposed to be hit, which in turns pull the sensor hook out of it's base sounding the electronics. Well, it's not close enough to the mat to hit, especially for light-weights. I could barely hit it bouncing my foot on top and when I did, it was inconsistent. Also, the sensor and the cord loses slack when jumped on making it even harder to hit.

O well, I hope my son likes it. He has low muscle tone so my goal was to provide him with something to help him build strength and balance. I probably would have went with a conventional rebounder of better quality after actually seeing this one but I'm not going to bother disassembling it to ship back now. My son probably won't realize what it's supposed to do anyway but it's still disappointing.

Good luck!

Customer Review: So much fun...just loud

My kids love this! This is such a great energy-burner before heading out, sitting down or after dinner. Every parent who comes over inquires about this since their kids are immediately attracted to it. It's just so much fun to jump! There is a slight british-accent voice that plays games with the kids or plays music which is loud and becomes annoying. The kids must find it annoying as well as they don't play it anymore. Great buy.
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