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Estes Viper RC Airplane with Motion Sensing Control

Estes Viper RC Airplane with Motion Sensing ControlEstes RC Viper Stunt Plane uses the latest and greatest motion - sensing control technology! The revolutionary motion-sensing remote control puts you in the pilot's seat like never before. Flying your Viper® is just like flying a "real" airplane: When you tilt the flight-stick-style remote to the left or right, the Plane responds to your movement, instantly and intuitively! There's nothing like it! Twin-motor design; Aerodynamic, lightweight and agile; Does loops, barrel rolls and other great maneuvers; Built-in charger; Variable-speed throttle; For ages 10 and up. Plane is 12 1/2 x 4" with 21" wingspan and weighs 3 ozs. Control is 5 ozs. 6 AA batteries required (not included). You've got to fly it to believe it! Get yours now! Estes RC Viper Stunt Plane

Customer Review: Feel apart after first crash

My son used this once, it crashed on soft carpet and broke - waste of money

Customer Review: Worst RC plane yet

As a very amateur RC plane enthusiast, I have tried (and crashed) several different airplanes from Air Hogs, Estes, and others. This is the only plane that I was completely unable to get into the air before it self-destructed. As another review states, the controller seems to lose touch with the plane. The "motion" controller is not really motion sensitive--it is only "on/off" for direction, which makes it very difficult even for an adult to try to fly, much less give it to a child. The plane always took a nose dive to the left as soon as it got airborne, no matter which direction the control was in. After an hour or so and many crashes later, it finally hit the ground with the wing and broke it off at the motor--completely unrepairable. We have an Air Hogs Jet Scream plane that I finally got comfortable with, and it is MUCH more durable and more fun that this Viper. No matter how many crashes with the Jet Scream, it has virtually no damage because it is so lightweight. Do yourself a favor and do not buy this plane, unless you really want to torture a 10 year-old and his dad.
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