Minggu, 18 Januari 2009

Link Cable for Game Boy Advance and Gamecube

Link Cable for Game Boy Advance and GamecubeThe GameCube - Game Boy Advance Cable lets you connect two of your favorite game systems!

Customer Review: worked like a charm!

i bought this from marketplace seller Kandel's Korner. it's not a nintendo product, but it worked GREAT with absolutely NO PROBLEMS. i don't know what the other people who have reviewed this product did wrong, but i simply followed the directions in pokémon colosseum and now i have bayleef, croconaw and cyndaquil in my emerald game, ready for breeding and trading to diamond/pearl!

Customer Review: Works like you'd expect

I purchased 4 of these for the Four Swords Adventures Gamecube title. They have all worked fine; I have experienced no technical problems with them. Their only shortcoming is that they're difficult to disconnect from a GBA once they're attached, even for an adult. Maybe that was intentional so that players couldn't accidentally yank out the cord during play. It hasn't made me regret the purchase.

Warning to Pokemon enthusiasts: I haven't tried these with any Pokemon games, so I can neither confirm nor deny rumors of problems on that front.
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