Kamis, 15 Januari 2009

The Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection

The Andrew Lloyd Webber CollectionAnother Compilation of Stage Favourites - Some Tracks Are Hard to Find Elsewhere.

Customer Review: Fantastic!!!

I'm a huge fan of Sarah Brightman's and listening to her sing all of these amazing Andrew Lloyd Webber songs is great! My favourite song would have to be Amigos Para Siempre the song she sings with Jose Carreras which always gets repeated a couple of times.

I was also happy to finally find an album of Sarah Brightman's with Michael Crawford on it too as the phantom and not Steve Harley for a change!

Recommend this album to anyone who love's Andrew Lloyd Webber's music or the voice of Sarah Brightman!!

Customer Review: Andrew

Great starter album in the series of Andrew Lloyd Webebr Collections. There are atleast 4 currently.
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