Kamis, 22 Januari 2009

Saitek P990 Dual Analog Game Pad

Saitek P990 Dual Analog Game PadInstantly configure your pad's controls to the perfect set-up for First Person Shooter games with a single button press. The ergonomic controls with soft touch handles increase grip and comfort during hours of gameplay. Advanced programming is provided by Saitek Smart Technology (SST) software. System Requirement: Windows XP & XP64

Customer Review: Saitek P990

delivered on time , and the pad works perfect , i love it because it has 12 buttons ,so for fps you can configure a lot with this one ,,,,

Customer Review: Not the best

This was a gift to a hardcore gamer who plays fighting games a lot, but after a few weeks of extreme-to-the-max fighting, the D-pad snapped off. You see, the whole thing was mounted on a thin plastic stud that does not tolerate a button-masher.

The buttons are also an issue. They have a solid tactile response. However, they take more energy to push than the buttons on quality controllers. This may not be noticeable with slow-down-and-think type of games, but it is very inconvenient in fast-paced fighting games.

The blue light looks awesome, but the now-missing D-pad makes it look bad.

To sum it up, it works, it is compatible with Windows XP, and it looks cool; OK for casual gamers, but hard-core gamers will want something better.

For the record, I didn't buy it at Amazon, but it's the same thing.
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