Rabu, 31 Desember 2008

Bilz Box

Bilz BoxBilz Box is a money puzzle that makes a very creative gift.

Customer Review: Working for your money!

A nice little puzzle. However, the BilzBox may have a flaw, not in design or construction, but in its instructions. I solved the ball matrix in just a few minutes (moderate dexterity required, so maybe for ages 12 & up), however, it would not open. The problem was that the giftor had placed a check on TOP of the plastic drawer, not IN it. This allows the paper check to interfere with the ball motion in the last inch or so, making it very difficult for the push-latch to work. The giftor may not have followed directions to put the check INSIDE the plastic drawer, or maybe the loading instructions were not clear or even non-existant. Put the gift INSIDE the drawer, and all works quite well.

Customer Review: Huge Christmas Hit

Bought three Blitz boxes for Christmas last year. One for my son-in-law with a gift card in it; one each for my then 6th grade and 8th grade grandsons with money in them. They were the hit of the day. Once they opened these gifts, they wanted to stop and solve the puzzles. All other presents had to wait. A bit frustrating for the last one to solve th puzzle, but they just loved them. My daughter has a funny video of the three "boys" on the floor, in their pj's, working intently on the puzzles while some other gifts sat unopened. Will do this again this year for all family members, especially if I can find some different mazes. Great fun gift.
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