Rabu, 24 Desember 2008

Toddler Favorites

Toddler FavoritesCustomer Review: Worst CD ever!

If you have any music training or musical ability, do NOT buy this CD! The woman on the tape has a very harsh, annoying voice...almost like a washed up lounge singer who needed to make a quick buck by singing on a kids' CD. The children on this CD are AWFUl...completely out of tune...I don't expect perfection, but it is possible for children to sing on pitch! The instrumental music sounds like a really bad high school band. This is the worst kids' CD I have ever heard, and I have 3 children who have had dozens of CDs between the three of them. This one is going in the garbage -- I wouldn't even give it to Goodwill.

Customer Review: great product!

This cd is great for a toddler-my two year old daughter loves it! She loves to sing along and I actually don't mind when she wants to listen to her music! The singer on this cd isn't annoying too and that always helps when choosing the right kind of toddler music! For the price this can't be beat!
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