Sabtu, 27 Desember 2008

Radio Flyer Big Flyer

Fly by your friends on this super-slick flyer. Performance grip treads get little riders quickly up to speed, and extra-wide rear tires give them tip-free stability. The Big Flyer also features a three-position adjustable seat and a racing pennant for child safety. Chrome handlebars with molded grips add extra flair as you race around. Measures 29"L x 23"W x 23"H. Holds up to 65 lbs. Assembly required. Adult supervision recommended.

Customer Review: Excellent Value

Very durable construction. Lots of metal parts (instead of plastic). Seems like a very solid bike that should last longer than will be needed.

Customer Review: pedal problem

We bought this for my daughter's 9th birthday. Yes she is tiny. She loves it! My only problem is that we have one pedal that is wanting to come off. Other than that it has been well used!
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