Senin, 29 Desember 2008

High School Musical: DVD Game

High School Musical: DVD GameHigh School Musical fans, prepare to prove your superior knowledge of all things High School Musical in this interactive DVD game. One to four players can compete in the "East High Graduation Challenge" by answering 20 multiple choice questions drawn from all three High School Musical movies. The question format ranges from video clips to aural quotes and onscreen multiple-choice questions and players are asked about everything from Troy's ringtone to who said a particular phrase. "Center Stage" is a non-scored chance to sing along with onscreen lyrics to six favorite High School Musical songs: "Now or Never," "Bop to the Top," "The Boys Are Back," "Bet On It," "Breaking Free," and "Fabulous." Shoot baskets from three different court positions in "Wildcats Tryouts," test your memory in the "Yearbook Memory Game," and take one of four different quizzes to determine which career you're best suited for. In "Prom Night," participants learn dances to eight different High School Musical tunes divided into three difficulty levels. Like in "Dance Dance Revolution," players follow light-up squares, but here there's also a CGI instructor to follow and the chance to learn the dance in four manageable sections before putting it all together with instrumental backup. Two to four players have the added options of testing just how well they know one another with a "BFF's" quiz or competing in a fast-paced "Pep Rally" word association competition. "Party Play" is for two teams of players and offers the "Pictionary"-like "Art Class," charades-like "Drama Class," a vocabulary game where players give verbal clues to get their team to say a specific word without using three key descriptive words, and a "Mix It Up" option which asks all three types of questions in one game. Whether you're having a full-blown High School Musical party or just love everything High School Musical, this DVD promises lots of interactive fun. --Tami Horiuchi

Customer Review: GREAT GIFT!!

I just gave this game to my daughter for her birthday on the weekend. This was by far her favorite present. Not only did she play it non-stop, but she had me playing it too. I actually found it to be really fun! Even my son joined in. We learned songs from the third movie and sang along to them on the DVD. I found that I didn't even need to know all that much about the High School Musical movies to enjoy playing along. The best thing is that there are so many games to play, that my daughter will be able to play it over and over again without getting bored. We have bought other DVD games in the past, and in our opinion this is by far the best one we have played. Two thumbs up!

Customer Review: Hours of Fun!

I received an advance copy of this game as well as the Hannah Montana DVD Game and my daughter and her friends played them for 2 hours straight! They both have great music and games, including singalongs and dancing. It is educational and fun at the same time.
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