Senin, 29 Desember 2008

Jakks Pacific Ultimotion Swing Zone Sports Motion Controller Video Game

Use this set of wireless motion-controlled accessories to swing, roll, putt, serve and pass your way through five all-star sports challenges. Sports includes bowling, tennis, baseball, golf and football, and each game is accompanied by its corresponding sports accessory. TV Game includes the following motion controllers: bowling ball, tennis racket, baseball bat, golf club and football. Requires 2 "AAA" batteries and 4 "AA" batteries, not included.

Customer Review: A fun toy

This is actually a fun toy. I've played with it for a few days now, and I'm actually pretty pleased with it given the price. No, it's not a Wii. It's a toy that costs about 1/10th of a Wii. So no direct comparisons should be made. And with that said, this game unit still has some really fun game play. It's meant to be a toy, not a serious gaming platform.

I've read a few complaints about syncing the remote with the base unit. It's quite easy, and I've not had a single problem. The complainers either were using old batteries or so technologically inept that the touch-tone phone is still a new concept for them. Turn the base unit "on"; Press "A" on the remote. Done!

All the (5) sporting games are fun, and they're all quite unique from each other. (1) Golf: The course is a bit boring--but the wind strength and direction make it interesting. (2) Bowling. (What can I say? It's bowling! But there is "bumper bowling" for the wee-ones.) (3) Tennis. (One player.) Probably my least favorite, because I stink at it (4) Home-Run Derby. (5) Football: (A game of accuracy, as you throw a football through moving targets.)

Set-up was easy. My "gripes" (word used loosely) is that the sound is only mono (not stereo), and there's only one remote (so there's no head-to-head game play). But with that said--these guys had to cut costs somewhere, so I see these offenses as passable. Buy a "Y" RCA splitter, and tell the kids to share. (Some games have 2-player mode, others do not.)

For the money (approximately 1/10th of a Wii), this is a great little purchase. It's great for occasional use, and for non-serious gamers. And considering how many other parents I know who have Wii's on shelves (unused) collecting dust--this is a great niche product that's perfect for a lot of people.

Customer Review: What are you people talking about???!!!

This game is SIMPLE to set up and is a blast! For less than 25 bucks, you can't beat it! My 6 and 3 year old love it! The machine sets itself....not sure what the problem is that people cant figure this out. I'm 27, maybe that helps but if you cant figure this out than you need to buy your kids a set of checkers or a firetruck for Christmas.....BUY THIS!!!!
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