Rabu, 31 Desember 2008

Table Topics Conversation Cards - Family Edition

Table Topics Conversation Cards - Family EditionThere is no better way for kids to learn social skills and a sense of belonging than to engage in conversation about their thoughts, opinions, desires and dreams. At the dinner table, bedtime, or in the car, kids love to talk about what they think. And if you talk to your kids now, chances are they'll talk to you later. This edition was created especailly for families with school-age children. Embark on a revealing adventure in conversation with this compelling collection of conversation starters. Size: 5" Cube. 138 cards.

Customer Review: Awesome Way for the Family to Bond

This is a fun and awesome way to get the family bond and get to know each other better (particularly as the kids grow)! I hope to buy the other versions soon!

Customer Review: great fun for the whole family

this product is a great ice-breaker or great for just having fun. It makes you think and also see what others think. it will also bring up debates and questions will come up; "why did you pick that?" or "I did know that about you". you're so imvolved that time will just fly-by.
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