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The New Game

The New GameGrammy nominated Mudvayne release in 2008 their first studio album in three years. All copies of the album contain an exclusive code for fans to register and play The New Game to solve a murder mystery as it unfolds with weekly clues. Grand prizes will be awarded to the winning finalists. Fans must own the CD in order to play and win prizes. Fans with the code can redeem for the free fan club membership which allows them the only way to get tickets to see Mudvayne live!

Customer Review: average album, but still a great band

Even after hearing various negative reviews I tried to listen to the album for what it is. I'd have to agree though that this album is just average. I think they are way more talented and capable of so much more than what's presented on the new game. I really hope they come back stronger on their next release.

The whole mystery game part of the cd that concludes in jan of 09 is a cool adition though.

Would definitly recommend seeing them live and hope they tour more in 09.

Customer Review: Same band members, same band name, completely different band.

Let me just start this by saying that this album is the final nail in the coffin for my hopes that Mudvayne would get back to the LD 50 Mudvayne I know and absolutely love. I loved Pantera and I love Mudvayne, but Hell Yeah was just... I couldn't stand that album. In comparison to that, this album is 5 stars but if you're going to like this album as a Mudvayne fan, you have to almost view the band as if this album is the completion of redefining themselves. I mean, when was the last time you heard Gregg bust out a guitar solo? You will on this album, and a couple of them at that.

I gave this album 3 stars because while I liked listening to the album, not a whole lot of it makes me want to keep this CD spinning over and over... and that really saddens me, because I used to be all about this band. They've gone from having a sound that's completely their own to a sound that's extremely radio-friendly and non-enjoyable to spin any more than once or twice through as a listener. Chad has stated that they consider this as growth in themselves as musicians. Because they consider this album the fruition of growth, I decided I would rate this album based on the Mudvayne that's obviously here to stay; a new Mudvayne that's far, far away from the complexity, honesty, and purpose of LD 50.

I'll still check out future Mudvayne material in hopes of hearing some semblance of LD 50; an album I STILL listen to straight through and repeat it with the desire to hear more and more. Sorry, Mudvayne. If any of you happen to read this, I'm thrilled that you're all satisfied with yourselves and feel that you're growing as musicians. I completely appreciate that perspective but each album has brought about a certain distancing from someone like me who basically considers LD 50 to be as musically important with its statement as some of the most influential albums of all time!

"The New Game" is appropriate when considering this is obviously the finality of Mudvayne's musical growth and direction. It's not bad by any means; there's a lot of good music on here, but it's just not interesting to a listener like me who looks for the complexity and musical statement once made by the same 4 individuals on LD 50.
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