Senin, 29 Desember 2008

MGA STMC Cinderella's Wedding Party Pack

MGA STMC Cinderella's Wedding Party  PackCustomer Review: Disappointed...description is not accurate

We got this for $2 on the pre-Christmas sale. We got it for the little class gift exchange where you need a present under $2. It was disappointing. I will probably end up going to the dollar store to get something with more play value to it. There is no little house or furniture as the description says. The people are very, very small and there is not much to do with them. I agree with the other reviewer that if your child is REALLY into brides and grooms, as a lot of little girls are, this may have some value for that. Otherwise, there is not much to do with this and you won't get what the description says. Just a heads up.

Customer Review: My 4 year old daughter loves this set

My little girl has been in a phase, wanting her dolls to get married. She loved this set. the set was a little smalled then expected, the figures are about 2.5 inches. The figures are strudy, and well made. I am pleased with this purchase.
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