Rabu, 24 Desember 2008

Spring Swings Super Z Fun Ride

Spring Swings Super Z Fun RideThe NEW Fun Ride SuperZ trolley on a cable lets children and adults glide back and forth along the cable like an Olympic athlete or a soaring bird in flight! Fun Ride is the perfect birthday, holiday, or anytime gift for that special someone! Simply attach the cable between two trees or other supports, grab the handles of the trolley and you're on your way . . . for the best Fun RideTM of all! Fun Ride Super ZTM Fun Ride, and Fun Ride DeluxeTM will all provide hours of outdoor fun! (Colors of trolley may vary from those pictured.) - Ages 8 years to Adult

Customer Review: Totally awesome toy!

We got the Super Z Funride because I had a similar thing growing up 30+ years ago, only we called it "the monorail." It is every bit as fun as I remembered! It does take some strength to get the cable taut enough (we got the 90' model), but aside from that the installation went according to the directions and without trouble. We used a couple of lengths of slit hose to protect the tree bark from the cable, and screwed in a bolt 1" underneath the back of the cable to ensure that it wouldn't slip down. HOWEVER, the bolt does not seem necessary now that we've been using the Funride for a month. The cable stays put, as it should. We added a very fat, soft knotted rope (impossible to tangle or get caught in) with a big Jolly Ball at the end to sit on, so you don't have to hang like a monkey from the trolley AND it's easier to catch and tow back to the top. ONE IDEA: we found that we were hitting the end pretty forcefully, which could hasten the demise of the plastic trolley, but we didn't want to suck all the fun out if it by slowing the ride down too much. So, we slit and duct-taped a tennis ball around the landing end of the cable and blocked it from slipping with a cable clamp behind it. That does a nice job of softening the landing. Our 7 year old and his friends think it is super, super cool -- they play Indiana Jones and Commando and whoop it up every free second of the afternoon!

Customer Review: Nice zip line

Set this up in our backyard for my 8yo daughter, she loves it. Was pretty easy to set up, just be careful not to strip the threads on the turn buckles. Might be good to spray the threads with lithium grease prior to putting this up outdoors.
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