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Halo Trilogy- The Complete Original Soundtracks (OST)

Halo Trilogy- The Complete Original Soundtracks (OST)Special Limited Edition Five CD set of the complete original soundtracks. The Halo soundtracks' composer is Martin O'Donnell.

Customer Review: Can't Just Cut and Paste

As the title says, you can't just play cut and paste with a "complete" soundtrack. It's either complete or its not. There's no such thing as a "complete" soundtrack that omits an entire CD. Two of my favorite pieces: "The Last Spartan" and "Earth City" are from the Halo 2 Volume 2 Soundtrack. I think it is very deceiving to omit this soundtrack and advertise as "complete". A far better experience is to buy all of the CD's separately to enjoy the entire score. Marty's work for the Halo games is amazing, and you're missing out big time if you skip an entire CD worth of it. As far as the bonus disk, its a nice touch but I agree with the earlier review that it would be much more appreciated if it did not replace a soundtrack.

Customer Review: Not Complete, But Great.

I've been waiting for some sort of boxed set to come out. I love all the music in the series, and I've played the games as well.

Now, some aspects of this boxed set are a little disappointing. For instance, this set doesn't include all the originally released soundtracks. Also there isn't any literature about the music or the games included. All the credits are printed on the inside parts of the box though.

On the positive side, the set comes with a bonus DVD with a Halo Wars sneak peek and preview of the upcoming title's music. The only problem with that is the fact this is supposed to be the Halo Trilogy Complete Original Soundtracks. Not the 'most of the music plus a bit of other game music' collection.

Overall, though, I am satisfied with my purchase. This will make carrying around my favorite soundtracks a lot easier.

I hope in the future we will see another collection, with the COMPLETE soundtracks and literature about the music and games.
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