Sabtu, 27 Desember 2008

Hannah Montana Song Writin Swing with Doll

Hannah Montana Song Writin Swing with DollThere's nothing quite like relaxing on your own porch swing, especially when you lead the busy life of a pop star. For Miley, the porch swing on her Malibu Beach House Patio is the ultimate destination for soaking up the sun, gazing at the stars or getting inspiration for her next hit song. Enjoy the beautiful Malibu Beach from Miley's porch swing!

Customer Review: Ehh?

I'm sure my daughter will love her, but she's not very interesting. Her clothes are just "ehh" and the same for her make-up and hair. Hey, for 5.99 (or the 7.99 that I paid), it's worth it. Expect the character, not a particularly cute doll. Either way, your little one will probalby love it!
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