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Smith & Wesson Galaxy 28 LED Flashlight (20 White, 4 Red & 4 Blue LEDs)

Smith & Wesson Galaxy 28 LED Flashlight (20 White, 4 Red & 4 Blue LEDs)Dual switch, matte black aluminum body. Includes holster.

Customer Review: Good sturdy and versatile product

I am a pilot for a major overnight express company, and I bought this light to replace a cheapo light that I accidently left in the cockpit after a flight. I wanted something more solid and geared toward aviation, and this light fits the bill. The white light is bright, but lays down in a soft broad swath. The red and blue lights are great for preserving night vision when hunting for charts or illuminating a dark corner of the cockpit. It appears to be very solidly built and, even though I haven't dropped it on concrete yet, I think it would handle abuse pretty well.

My only downgrade comes from the lack of a wrist strap of some kind. I usually hang my flashlight on the cockpit window handle which makes it very convenient to find in an emergency. I've just had to be content with leaving it in my bag behind my seat. However, it is much less likely to get left behind in the cockpit that way, so maybe it's all the better.

Customer Review: Okay, but can do better


-Very nice construction

-2 button system

-pleasantly diffused white light (not as large a zone as I'd prefer though)

-anti-roll barrel

-able to stand flat on end

-comes with case, batteries

-comfortable grip

-intermittent off by half-pushing button (but intermittent on would be more practical)

-convenient one-hand button switch


-relatively large and heavy when compared to similar lights

-lack of intermittent on (see above)

-not nearly as bright as comparable Cree or Luxeon type lights

(note: Cree and Luxeon are types of high intensity LED's, Luxeon LED's are manufactured by Philips and Cree is a semiconductor company. Their bulbs can be found in a variety of products.)

If you're interested in this light, be sure to check out the Coleman Max. It comes with a 115 lumen Cree LED, and has a very innovative Red/Green (or Red/Blue) switching system.

The S&W is 228 grams and 160 mm tall

The Coleman Max is 150 grams and 125 mm tall

The Coleman has intermittent on (good), but rear-mounted switch harder to operate one-handed

The "dim" modes (red, green) on the Coleman are MUCH dimmer. This can be a pro or a con, depending on your use.

I own both, and would recommend the Coleman Max

(model # 2000001578 purchased at Wal-Mart for approx $30)
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