Senin, 29 Desember 2008

Skin Game

Skin GameCustomer Review: Very Enjoyable James Garner Comedy With An Edge

In the mid-70's James Garner & Louis Gossett teamed up in two memorable episodes of "The Rockford Files". Before that, however, they starred in "The Skin Game" with Susan Clark (best known as the mother on the t.v. show "Webster"). The Skin game is a smart comedy which also functions as an effective critique of the institution of slavery. All three stars are appealing and Garner does what he did best in "Maverick" and Rockford -- the con game. The con here is simple but enjoyable. The movie includes good performances by several familiar character actors of the era and features Ed Asner as the slave-trading bad guy. Due to "political correctness" I don't know if this movie could get made today, which is a shame. Highly recommended!

Customer Review: THE SKIN GAME

received the video and am very happy with it -- very fast
moving - james garner is a big favorite of ours - always
gives a great performance. LOVE IT!
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