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SporeCreate universal wonder in Spore, an exciting new simulation game that lets you develop your own personal universe. Work your way through five evolutionary phases, including Cell, Creature, Tribe, Civilization and Space, that offer unique challenges, thrills and goals. For example, you can start in Cell and nurture one species from a simple aquatic organism all the way until it becomes a sentient life form. Or you can jump right in and begin building tribes and civilizations on multiple planets. What you do with your universe is totally up to you.

The powerful creation tools of Spore are easy to use, allowing you to effortlessly design every aspect of your universe. Creatures, vehicles, building and even starships are all within your grasp. While Spore is a single-player game, your creations and other players' creations are automatically shared between your galaxy and theirs, offering a nearly limitless number of worlds to visit and enjoy. You can also go online to view the incredible things other players have made and can even pull those items into your universe. Spore gives you the chance to make worlds and beings that evolve, grow and delight you every step of the way.


Spore Vehicles


Finally all that hard work creating the perfect being can be put to good use. Import creatures that you created with the Spore Creature Creator and watch them live, breath and thrive in the full version of Spore.


While Spore is a single player game, your creations and other players’ creations are automatically shared between your galaxy and theirs, providing a limitless number of worlds to explore and play within. Internet Connection Required.

Minimum System Requirements

This game will not run on PowerPC (G3/G4/G5) based Mac systems (PowerMac)
  • PC Minimum - Windows XP/Vista
  • 2.0 GHz P4 processor or equivalent
  • 512 MB RAM/768 MB RAM
  • 128 MB Video Card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0
  • The latest version of DirectX 9.0c
  • Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 1
  • At least 4 GB of hard drive space, with at least 1 GB additional space for creations

  • Mac Minimum - Mac OS X 10.5.3 Leopard or higher
  • Intel Core Duo Processor
  • 1024 MB RAM
  • ATI X1600 or NVIDIA 7300 GT with 128 MB of Video RAM, or Intel Integrated GMA X3100
  • At least 4 GB of hard drive space, with at least 1 GB additional space for creations
  • This game will not run on PowerPC (G3/G4/G5) based Mac systems (PowerMac), or the GMA 950 class of integrated video cards
  • For computers using built-in graphics chipsets under Windows, the game requires at least:
  • Intel Integrated Chipset, 945GM or above
  • 2.6 GHz Pentium D CPU, or 1.8 GHz Core 2 Duo, or equivalent
  • 768 MB RAM

Customer Review: Nothing More Than a Casual Game

When reading the previews and even the mainstream reviews of Spore, the game seems to be one of the most creative and revolutionary games of our time, at least as far as creativity. Sadly, I feel for these previews and reviews as well. I even went against my better judgement and bought the game with it's horrible DRM and limited activation policies. DRM is not the only flaw found in this game.

The game is set up with several different gameplay modes, and while fun for a temporay time, is nothing more than what you get from a casual game. The first stage is a very easy Pac-man type game without the maze. You collect body parts to add to your creature, developing it's form as a carnivor or veggie lover. The obstacles? Other creatures are trying to collect parts too. However, anyone that's played a game before will not have any trouble not dying. Afterwards, you get to run around on land and develop your creature while trying to friend or enemy other creatures on the island. This is pretty simple stuff too. Really, after this section, the game just turns into more 'creating' for your own type of creature. That's probably the best thing about the game is buildings, vehicles, and creatures are fully developed by you (as much as you can with their decent variety of add-ons). The problem with this? The AI is horrible and very easy.

Really, the game turns into a basic casual game right after you mess around with creature creator. Actually, that's about the time the fun ends. The only fun thing to do is develope your character. Otherwise, the RTS elements in this game likes any strength. This was a serious problem for me, and I've hardly touched the game since day one.

Another thing that was highly disappointing is the lack of any multi player. You can only fight against other horrible AI units that are incredible dumb and predictable. This game had to have been made for children or simple people.

On top of that, yes, the game is infected with DRM and the most dreadful PC gaming experience on the planet: Limited Activations. If low PC game sales are the effect of software piracy, then these horrible measures taken ONLY on the ones purchasing the game are the effect of piracy. I'd like to point out that the pirates cracked the game before the game came out. Now who is the loser in this situation? The person who bought the game and is limited to so many installs? Or the person who spend nothing on it and has unlimited installs?

Customer Review: spore - good game but.....

I was a little disappointed because I read that you had to have mac leopard version operating system so I not only bought the game but the op sys also and then I go to load it and it says ...won't work on 2005 mac books?! LAME! so I have to use my dad's computer to play and I had to buy an operating system I didn't really need!
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