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The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary

The Official Scrabble Players DictionaryNew edition! An inexpensive edition of the book that SCRABBLE® players call their bible. Ideal for recreational and school play. More than 100,000 playable two- to eight-letter words including 4,000 new entries. Includes variant spellings. Endorsed by the National SCRABBLE® Association.

Customer Review: Nice to have around to prevent squabbles.

I like to have this around so that there is an "official" dictionary. Sometimes my loved ones cannot agree on using another dictionary, and it is easy to say, "Well, this is THE Scrabble Dictionary," and put an end to debate.

One could go without this dictionary and use any old dictionary, but if your clan has a competitive streak it is useful.

Customer Review: Official scrabble players dictionary

If you really want to play Scrabble, you need this item to verify the words used.It also helps to study the hard letters to see what words you can use.This item is much better than a standard Dictionary.It`s designed for use in this game, and makes it simple .
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