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Out of Africa

Out of AfricaSet in kenya in the early 1900s this is a true story of danish writer karen blixen. It is the romantic tale about an independent womans love for both her husband and a dashing adventurer. Bonus features: song of africa feature commentary with director sydney pollack production notes and much more. Studio: Uni Dist Corp. (mca) Release Date: 01/23/2007 Starring: Meryl Streep Robert Redford Run time: 160 minutes Rating: Pg Director: Sydney Pollack


Out of Africa

The story of a Danish woman (Meryl Streep) who finds herself running a farm in Africa from 1913 after her husband (Klaus Maria Brandauer) decides to opt out for the life of a hunter. The first half is brilliantly

paced and immaculately acted, but the greatness rather drifts away in the second half, somewhat aided by Robert Redford, who just doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the film. Streep and her Danish accent are amazing, while Brandauer, Suzanna Hamilton, Michael Kitchen and Michael Gough offer really first-rate support. Intelligently scripted and beautifully shot on location by David Watkin, Out of Africa proves a moving, stimulating and entertaining experience. Winner of SEVEN ACADEMY AWARDS, including Best Film and Best Director.

Customer Review: Out of Africa

Watching this movie was an amazing surprise. I had heard of it but never had the opportunity to watch it. It was beautiful, and a wonderful story.
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